CTYO calls for integrity in ULB elections

DIMAPUR, JUNE 24 (MExN): the Chümoukedima Town Youth Organisation (CTYO) has voiced concerns over potential electoral malpractice ahead of the Urban Local Body (ULB) elections in Chümoukedima Town. The organization has raised alarms about alleged plans by certain parties and candidates to involve citizens from neighbouring villages in proxy voting and intimidation tactics.

Avi Makritsu, President of CTYO, emphasized the organization's stance, stating, "The CTYO firmly condemns any form of electoral malpractice, including violence and proxy voting, which undermines the democratic process and the integrity of our elections."

The press release underscored the importance of respecting electoral laws and ensuring a fair voting environment. "We urge all residents and citizens from neighbouring villages, as well as individuals not listed on the ULB electoral roll, to uphold the law and the sanctity of the voting process," Makritsu stated.

Specifically addressing citizens from neighbouring villages, the CTYO called for restraint and adherence to legal norms. "We specifically call on citizens from neighbouring villages and any others not on the electoral roll to refrain from actions that could disrupt the election process or lead to violence," Makritsu added.

Makritsu meanwhile assured, “The CTYO is dedicated to promoting fair and transparent elections. We will collaborate closely with relevant authorities to ensure any attempts to disrupt voting procedures are promptly addressed and handled in accordance with the law.”