DC Peren prohibits outside food in quarantine centres

Peren, June 22 (MExN): The ongoing COVID-19 Pandemic has necessitated the setting up of quarantine facilities to accommodate the large number of returnees to the district from various parts of the country.

A DIPR report stated that it has been reported that parents and relatives of the returnees accommodated at the different quarantine facilities are bringing packages of food and other commodities to their wards resulting in unnecessary harassment of the facility managers as well as other staff manning the quarantine facilities.

Therefore, in order to ensure the smooth management of the quarantine centers as well as to discourage such practices by the parents and relatives of the returnees, Deputy Commissioner of Peren, Sentiwapang Aier has issued an order on June 19 stating that packages of food or other eatable commodities/medicines delivered by the parents and relatives for their wards in any of the government managed quarantine facilities shall be strictly prohibited.