Deliver us from evil

Kevi Meru 

Though what Kivika allegedly did cannot be condoned, I am saddened by the disproportionate treatment he received from the hands of overzealous vigilantes and eventual death resulting from it.  Mr. Kanito has done the right thing and the Christian thing by forgiving those involved in his son's death.  I believe these young people did not intend murder, but may have gone too far without realizing it.  And now they have this process of criminal prosecution hanging over their head.  I don't know if the legal system in Nagaland awards punitive damages in such cases, but I feel the guilty party should by law or even voluntarily offer some payments to the family of Kivika --- along with personal expression of repentance from the members involved.  Yes, they have been forgiven on the spiritual and moral level, but civil cases has to come to its logical conclusions, whether decided by the State or indigenous ways.

I was privileged to receive Pasadena City Police training for community involvement in crime prevention.  There is such a thing as citizen's arrest if it can be done safely.  But the supposed crime preventer could become a criminal himself if he goes too far in the process.  Yes, community policing is a good thing if the volunteers are properly oriented to draw a fine line and keep matters within permissible boundaries.  I hope the society will not abandon this concept altogether.  Someone having a car accident does not mean the others should stop driving.

Now coming to the destruction of properties on September 1 --- or shall we say our own 9/1 --- it is an unveiling of raw 'tribalism'.  The question is:  "What gives these barbarians the license to destroy the properties of others who have nothing to do with the death of Kivika?"  (I'm aware some of the perpetrators could be well educated, but at the time of committing vandalism they have all become barbarians --- just as KVYO turned barbarians on 31 August).  

I have nothing to say concerning meeting of the Hohos and the legal ramifications in bringing a reasonable resolution over the matter.  But I wish to share a spiritual perspective and I hope it will discourage volunteers from becoming a law unto themselves and barbarians from taking delight in the pain and loss of others.  I might take the advice of T. Solo and call the real spade by its name.

To Hindus and Muslims I will not talk in this manner.  But I'm sure some of the 9/1 vandals consider themselves Christian and hence Christian-speak.  I don't know if you are regretting now or still trying to justify your behavior that day.   Yes, it will seem a high price to pay if you identify yourself and openly express sorrow and ask forgiveness from the property owners.  But until you do that, God will not hear your prayers, and if you die in this state of mind, sorry angels will not open the doors of heaven for you.  You may go to church, pay tithe, involve in activities, but Jesus will call you a 'phony' until you repent (Luke 6:46; Matthew 5:23-24).  Yes, its alright for your tribal Hoho to step in for you, but that does not absolve you from asking forgiveness personally.  So make confession and asking forgiveness a part of the deal if you fear God.

Although we may not see it with our natural eyes, on 9/1 hundreds of demons cheered and laughed and went on the rampage with the barbarians.  Satan came to destroy (John 10:10).  It was their (demons) victory, and they have caged all the participants in bondage.  That is why, for their own good, I am asking for them to openly confess and ask Jesus to forgive and deliver them from the power of demons over them (2 Timothy 2:26).  Listen, all of you who instigated and participated in anger on 9/1, Satan has bound all of you (different from possession) --- you are chained to the demons assigned for you.   Listen, God will not deliver you from the evil one until you repent and ask for it (Matthew 6:13).   I pray that spiritual sense will prevail and that you will recover from this bondage of Satan (Ephesians 2:2).  Repent and live!