Dimapur, City Of Speed Breakers

This is the third Press release I am writing regarding the myriad speed breakers that are mushrooming up in Dimapur city. Dimapur being the Biggest commercial hub not only for Nagaland but also for the entire north-eastern part of India after Guwahati is expanding by leaps and bounds in every aspects. I believe that all the vehicle owners, especially the owners of small cars feel the difference of type and in numbers the speed breakers erected in other cities of India and those erected in Dimapur. I, as an Engineer, am sure that there is a specific height and width allowed by authority, also numbers of speed breakers has to be limited for particular span of the road.

However it so surprising that unlike other cities, in Dimapur, speed breakers are so tall in height and so narrow in width that no car can pass across them without being kissed at the bottom. For example, the breakers numbering to 22 (twenty two) within the span of 3 (three) kilometers from Purana Bazaar to Dairy farm via Zion Hospital is so irritating. They are too tall, too narrow and too numerous that whenever we pass through that road we bitterly remember the concerned Authority who are supposed to guide and formulate the specification for the same but have done nothing as far as technical standard is concerned, thus causing lots of inconvenience to the public. However we excuse them because most of the Authority officers are Nagas, and they have been doing it in a ‘Naga-style’ way which all of us have to accept without any condition.

As I have mentioned earlier, this is the third time a request has been made to the Department of Roads and Bridges or any authority to restrict the breaker erection in front of every house as demanded by the individuals, and also to standardize its sizes. I don’t know whom to thank, whether the Bethesda school authority or the other concerned authority for trimming off the towering tip of the breaker at Walford road after my request through the press release. But, width is still too small and height still too tall even after cutting off. It is so sad that after a repeated request from a responsible citizen like me, no authority has any concern to look into the matter and the same trend has been continuing for installation of unsized speed breakers all over Dimapur City till today.

Once again, I want to make the earnest request to any authority concerned to seriously view this subject matter and rectify the already existing abnormal sized breakers all over Dimapur and to enforce proper control and formulations when any speed breakers are to be erected across the road in future, so that commuters are not put into unnecessary hardship and the authority’s name is not demeaned.

We Nagas too have arrived at 21st century and call ourselves civilized. So why not we also reflect our good self in our works and setups? Why not we give attention to the public whenever  constructive criticisms are raised against any authority or department not only for this matter but also for other issues and do the needful? Let us be more sincere in our services and developmental works so that one day a time will come when our beloved Dimapur will be a pleasant, clean and modern city for us to live in.

Er. Kiyeto H. Shohe
Nagarjan, Dimapur
9436432769 (M)