Elizabeth Hurley admits Shane Warne's 'rollercoaster love' is making her sick

Most celebrities with their personal life in turmoil will rely on a firm 'no comment' from their publicists. Which is exactly what Elizabeth Hurley's spokesperson issued today amidst a 26-year-old porn star's allegations that she bedded Shane Warne after he started romancing the 45-year-old model. But true to form, Twitter-enthusiast Liz has given a better indication of her feelings, leaving a not-so-cryptic message on the social networking site. She wrote: 'Happy Valentine's Day! Remember, love is like a rollercoaster ride- sometimes it's exhilarating but sometimes u (sic) feel sick and want to get off.'
What was supposed to be a romantic Valentine's Day with her new beau has become a nightmare as she faces renewed allegations about the notorious ladies' man. It is the second setback in their short romance. In December Elizabeth and Shane briefly split after the 41-year-old cricketer admitted to sending over 100 saucy texts to another woman.
And now, just one day after their first public outing as a couple holding hands and looking blissfully happy, the relationship has been hit by scandal once again. A 26-year-old adult film star, Chloe Conrad, has revealed explicit text messages that Warne allegedly sent her and described their seedy night together to a Sunday tabloid. Fellow Australian Chloe claims her text messages and X-rated meeting with Warne took place as he began dating 45-year-old Liz Hurley.   ‘If Liz thinks he has changed, she’s sorely mistaken. On the night he was with Liz at the Bentley he was sending texts to me. I never for one second thought I was the only woman. Everyone knows Shane is not the ideal guy to settle down with. Liz is a lot older than me and should be wiser’, the London-based Aussie told the tabloid.