Employment and Craftsmen Training

Lolano P. Khuvung
A DIPR Feature

Headed by the Director and functioning under the administrative control of Commissioner & Secretary, the Directorate of Employment & Craftsmen Training oversees manpower planning as the department maintains the live register of job seekers of the state, by enforcing the Employment Exchanges Compulsory Notification of Vacancies (CNV) Act, 1959 and also imparts training in various vocations through it is in accordance with the Apprentices Act, 1961. During the 2006-07, 11,950 applicants have been registered at various Employment Exchanges for job assistance, where only 4 (four) applicants were placed in various establishments through the assistance of Employment Exchange. As per report, exact number of placement could not be ascertained due to non-availability of up to date result of selection from employees.

Considering the limited wage paid opportunities, the department is encouraging job seekers to opt for self-employment ventures. In this regard a cell for Promotion of Self-Employment has been established in the Regional Employment Exchange Kohima. A total of 5942 candidates were registered out of which 1345 were placed in various self-employment ventures during the year. A special cell for physically handicapped applicants was initially established with the Central Assistance, and is functioning in the Regional Employment Exchange Kohima. At present there are 1161 applicants on the live register of Employment Exchange under Physically Handicapped category. A cell for providing coaching and guidance for job seekers is also functioning in the Regional Employment Exchange, Kohima. It provides basic requirements/instructions for facing interview with a view to improve their employability skills.

Training: The Craftsmen Training Wing imparts training to matriculates, schools & college drop-outs in skilled and semi-skilled work proficiency in selected trades with employment potential. Presently, the department is providing 22 (15+7) engineering and non-engineering trades in 8(eight) ITIs within the state. The training period varies from 1-2 years.

ITI FOR WOMEN: Keeping in view, Government’s policy for providing special opportunities for women, a special ITI exclusively for women was established in Dimapur and a total of 46(forty six) candidates are undergoing training during the year. Besides the department has sponsored 33 candidates (14 male & 19 Female) to various states for 10 months/1 year courses. The candidates were provided stipends by the Central Government. In order to make the semi-skilled trainees skilled the department is further sponsoring them for Apprenticeship courses. During the 10th plan period, 4 (four) new it is have been established under centrally sponsored schemes. However from 2007-2008 onwards, all maintenance cost of the ITIs will be borne by the state government. Further 3 (three) existing ITIs Kohima, Dimapur and Mon has been proposed to be upgraded under DONER during 2006-07 and 2007-08. The department is also initiating to computerize all Employment Exchanges in the state in a phase manner.