Empowering Minds through Sound

The Story of Nagaland Institute of Language Studies & Research

Academic Reviewer Kohima

Have you ever witnessed individuals earning a livelihood through the art of making sounds? Not in the realm of music, but in the field of phonetics education. This unique profession is a rarity in our region due to the scarcity of trained professionals. However, a beacon of change emerged when Theyievino Whiso took a bold initiative to establish the Nagaland Institute of Language Studies and Research (NILSR). This institution offers a diverse range of programs such as English Phonetics and Spoken English courses, Montessori Diploma Course, and various vocational training programs. Additionally, it houses a publishing house, Pine Press, and a Language Building Learning Aids outlet.

NILSR started its journey as an online academy known as The Virtual Linguistic Academy (TVLA), providing online spoken English courses. The institute has been instrumental in broadening horizons and emphasizing the importance of acquiring soft skills and enhancing English language proficiency among the youth of Nagaland. NILSR, though modest in size, boasts a team of proficient and dedicated educators who prioritize quality education over quantity.

The impact of NILSR transcends borders, garnering recognition not only within Nagaland but also internationally. Testimonials from students like Vanessa Densam Tzudir from New Zealand reflect the institute's transformative influence. The institution's focus on holistic development is evident through its modern teaching facilities and diverse extracurricular offerings such as pottery, gardening, and calligraphy. Student testimonies, such as that of Mhanyinuo Kiso, attest to the institute's success in boosting confidence and fostering a conducive learning environment.

In an era dominated by online learning tools, NILSR stands out as a reminder of the irreplaceable value of classroom education and the importance of human connections in the learning process. Theyievino Whiso, the Managing Director and Lead Trainer of NILSR, acknowledges the challenges of promoting soft skills in a system that traditionally undervalues them. Nonetheless, she remains optimistic about the evolving educational landscape in Nagaland.

With a rich academic background in linguistics and education, including certifications in TESOL and Cambridge DELTA, Theyievino brings a wealth of expertise to her role. Her experience as a Language Trainer in Kohima Science College and an Adult Course Coordinator under the British Council underscores her commitment to language education and professional development.

Through its innovative approach to language education and skill development, NILSR continues to empower individuals in Nagaland and beyond, leaving a lasting impact on its students and the community at large.