Environmental Initiatives: The need of the hour

Nokto Wangnao

"Progress is impossible without change, and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything"- George Bernard Shaw

Environment is everything that surrounds us, be it living or non-living. The need to protect environment has become one of the most important aspects in today’s world. There have been increasing awareness campaigns and programs to safe environment and work for healthy planet around the world. Many educational institutions and organizations have started to go green and protect environment in their own campuses.  Many a times we fail to see that even humans are part of environment, thus affecting the environment means affecting humans’ life too. One might question how environment and humans are related?

I am convinced that this is a common problem with all human beings and yet we never notice it. This can be clearly reflected in the words of Thomas Fuller - "He that plants trees loves others besides themselves." This shows the inner self of a person, because a man that has no compassion for environment will also have no love for others because he who doesn't have respect for the environment does not have respect for people besides themselves.

There is a need to go green and take up environment initiatives in schools and colleges for our better future. Every colleges and schools need to plant trees and maintain greenery in the campus for a cleaner air to breathe and we need not wait for World Environment Day to plant trees. Encouragement should be given to reusable water bottles for all students. By using the single used plastic bottles we are polluting the environment unknowingly. The usage of trash and dustbins need to be properly told to children so that, they learn from childhood about the importance of dustbins and its usage. We find that majority of Nagas today has forgotten the usage of dustbins and receptacles for trash. Many are still not aware of the recyclable waste and so on. 

Many Naga students have started to use their own vehicles to go to colleges today and not using public transport. This increasing usage of transports is indeed increasing the risk of unhealthier environment as Nagaland is becoming polluted state. The government should also gives importance to organize or sponsor workshops, seminars, degree course for environment initiatives so that people across the state can learn more about safer environment before it’s too late. College students should form clubs and committee to spread awareness in college campuses. Preferences of choosing electronics over printed papers need to be encouraged for a better environment in offices and colleges. 

I bet majority of mankind always have doubts when the work is done by a small group of people. However, this has been a thing that this world ever had and will always have, unless we become a part of those people who are thoughtful and commitment to change the world in a better way. Yes, humans and environment being inter-related are dependent on each other. So, we must learn to be more cautious in utilizing the environment.

The question remains: Whether we are ready to change? Are we ready to commit ourselves and protect the environment? How clear are our thoughts on protecting the world (environment). Thus, we must keep in mind the wise words of Wendell Berry - "The Earth is what we all have in common." As such we can collectively protect our environment with the same goal in mind.

Be a King or a Queen to yourself, who thinks the best environment for his/ her whole kingdom.

The writer is a student of B.A 5th Semester, Department of Sociology & Brand Ambassador, Environmental Initiative, Modern College