Experiencing the Zhavame culture

Experiencing the Zhavame culture
Experiencing the Zhavame culture

(Left) Some of the NSF delegates & students and citizens of Zhavame village seen here during the unveiling of the monolith at Kapamodzu peak. (Right) During the trek to Kapamodzu peak.


Morung Express News
Zhavame | September 1 

Traditional homes in Zhavame village came alive with the sound of folk songs and cultural fanfare on the evening of August 29 as womenfolk decked themselves in traditional attires and performed songs and shared stories as a welcoming gesture for the delegates of the Naga Students’ Federation (NSF) representing different tribes of Nagaland as well as affiliated units from Manipur, Assam and Myanmar. Zhavame village under Chakhesang Students’ Union was host to the 1st Federal Assembly of the NSF for the tenure 2019-21.

Apart from folk songs and short folktales narrated during the cultural event held in 4 different locations in the village, they were treated to local delicacies that are native to Zhavame, all served traditionally in banana leaves and wooden plates. They were also taught few common phrases such as “Thank You”, “How are you?” etc. By the time they were leaving, most of them were fluent with “Thank You.”

Prior to the cultural evening, they visited Kapamodzü peak during which the president of Naga Students’ Federation, Ninoto Awomi unveiled a monolith erected at Zhavame Students’ Union Viewpoint, commemorating the observance of the 1st assembly in the village. Many of them also signed a pledge to “Save Kapamodzü”, signifying their resolve to promote and save the rich natural resources and the environment wherever they go.

Giving their feedback, the delegates said the Zhavame experience was something they’ll never forget in their lifetime while appreciating the warm hospitality and preservation of the cultural heritage of the village that were enormously displayed.

The delegates were further witness to the demonstration of “Nettle Weaving” by the Zhavame Women Folk, who presented in song and action the entire process of weaving a nettle shawl.