Far from being a gentleman

The universal understanding is that no human being, howsoever high or mighty, has the right to enjoy the fruits of another being’s labour.

With the same understanding, and with the belief that it is high time for the Nagas to realize the practices of some of the holders of high public offices who claim to represent them, the undersigned signatories of the Jungi clan come out in public with the treachery of Nkhao Jami, Parliamentary Secretary for Mechanical, Soil and Water conservation, Nagaland.

Nkhao Jami has not only betrayed the gentleman’s agreement with us, but also brought the office he occupies to the lowest level imaginable. If we wished to, we can sue him in any court of law, or better still, in Lotha Customary Court, with all valid documents to proof his treachery. But a gentleman’s agreement being a gentleman’s agreement, it is always up to the person concerned to keep or not to keep his word. Nkhao Jami, far from being a gentleman, has turned out to be the type of person who cannot be trusted to keep his word.

Thungkomo Jungio of Jungi clan from Chudi village and Nkhao Jami of Jami clan from Pangti village had decided to contest the general elections to the 10th Nagaland Legislative Assembly from 39th Sanis Assembly Constituency. But in view of the clansnamely, Kikon, Patton, Ovung, Tsopo, Jami, Jungi and Rangthung of the Lotha Naga tribe being descended from the same forefather, the Jungi, Tsopo and Jami clans decided to have a family meeting on February 10, 2003 to thrash out the issue as to who among the two should contest the polls in order to avoid division of votes within the cousin clans. 

Accordingly, for the betterment and unity of the cousin clans, an agreement was signed between the representatives of the three clans on 10th February 2003 whereby it was decided that:

1.    Thungkomo Jungio will withdraw his candidature and support Nkhao Jami.

2.    Thungkomo Jumgio will be made the close associate (PS) to Nkhao Jami, and be consulted in every important decisions to be taken.

3.    Thungkomo Jungio’s election expenditure will be compensated by khao Jami if the later is elected to the 10th Nagaland Legislative Assembly.

4.    Through the agreement, the above three clans’ family circle will unitedly work to promote love, unity and respect amongst themselves in future.

The signatories of the agreement, besides Thungkomo Jungio and Nkhao Jami, were Zubenthung, Motsuo, Ralamo, Ezamo and Thungbemo for the Jungi clan, Late E.Yanpothung for the Tsopo clan and A.Tsarao, Ramongo, Senkathung, Late Rabemo and Nyanbemo for the Jami clan.

Nkhao Jami was elected to the 10th Legislative Assembly, now into its 4th year, but has not fulfilled even a single point of the agreement that was signed between the clans (a Lotha to English translation version of which is given above).

This is pure and outright treachery perpetrated upon our clan by the present 39 Sanis A/C MLA, Nkhao Jami, who is also the Parliamentary Secretary for Mechanical, Soil and Water Conservation, Nagaland. We have all requisite documents to prove the claims we have made.

There should be a public debate on such type of persons holding public offices as the acts of such lowly people denigrate the very principles of representative democracy. Nagas should not suffer such type of persons in responsible public offices.

From the Jungi clan,
Thungkomo, Zanbenthung, Motsuo, Ralamo, Ezamo, Thungbemo