First Ayush Herbal Garden opened in Meghalaya

Shillong, November 19  (NNN): During the observation of the 5th National Ayurveda Day, the first ayush herbal garden cum ayush gram in the entire Garo Hills region was inaugurated by the adviser to the Chief Minister, Thomas A. Sangma today at Asananggre in West Garo Hills.

Emphasizing on the varied biodiversity including medicinal plants and herbs available in the region, Sangma said that the region is blessed in abundance with natural herbs and people should be sensitized to preserve these medicinal plants and herbs in order to promote its use to heal various health related problems in future. Reminding that the forefathers have also been practising local herbal medicines through experience, he said that the traditional system of medicine should also be preserved.

Stating that this herbal garden is not for show but to tell people about the usefulness of these herbs which can cure various ailments, the CM adviser urged everyone to plant and preserve not only in these herbal gardens but in their homes also, so that the future generation can use, also.

“The entire Garo Hills is a herbal garden which is abounds in plenty with medicinal plants and herbs, including rare species of plants,” said Deputy Commissioner Ram Singh.