Freedom to secure life and property

Nagas are freed:- when we talk about freedom what will primarily strike a Naga mind is political freedom. Yet, what stroke my mind by the turn of events, particularly the recent events in Nagaland vis-à-vis the reaction of the State Govt. is that ever community and each individual is now left to defend oneself.

Each successive ministry is observed to be becoming less and less effective in all respect. Transparency in administration has become more obscured, sincerity and dedication of public servants have reached rock bottom. Honesty, magnanimity and justice are pestilenced by selfishness, ism and bribe oriented culture. Of all, the deep concern is the established system of governance being placed in total haywire.

The recent debate over the question as to whether factional fight falls under the law and order problem or not draws my attention. According to NPF, factional fight is above law and order problem and considered it to be a political problem with reference to press statements issued recently. The party even went to the extend of demanding disciplinary action against few DAN members who has shown concern for the breakdown of law and order problem at Zunheboto recently in connection with factional fight. Thus, NPF justifies its posture adopted at that time to remain mute spectator allowing the two factions to have fierce fight for three days without intervention from administration. 

If this contention is accepted as correct another question arises as to whether one faction is asking Independence from the other and vice versa for which the clash had take place. But we are not confused about Naga political aspiration that Nagas are asking India to grant political independence. I am therefore, not convinced by the contention of NPF that factional fight is justifiably a political problem. Therefore, factional fight is law and order problem which definitely falls under the purview of State administration. Had the philosophy of NPF been allowed to prevail allowing the factions to fight to the finish and had not the general public of Zunheboto town gathered all its gut to intervene and stopped the fiercer clash more lives would have been lost and properties of the innocent public would have been damaged.

Does NPF believe that political solution would come out of much physical clash? Does NPF believe that reconciliation and unity of the Nagas can be achieved by allowing the groups to have continuous clash? Does NPF realize how much further harm being done to the relationship between the groups beside few lives being lost in the said clash?

As far as NPF Press Secretary R. Pahino’s plea for cooperation from Congress for maintenance of law and order I am sure Congress does not have any inhibition so far as for peace and tranquility in the land is concerned. Yet, in what way Congress is expected to show its cooperation if DAN has no interest to control the situations. Shall Congress appreciate the inaction of DAN or does NPF expects Congress, the Opposition, to tell lies that the govt. has done well.  Some may like to disagree with me but I am sure at least not less than five DAN MLAs  including its Chairman will appreciate m point.

If so, why DAN failed to handle such factional clashes taking place everywhere in Nagaland including the recent clash at Zunheboto town? As a responsible authority why DAN chose to stay away from the situation by leaving the  innocent public to their own fate. Will any amount of justification suffice the stance of NPF as mere spectator to such scenes where the life and property of its people are put in serious jeopardy? The given justifications failed to conceal the failures of DAN in administering law and order in the State.

The embarrassment meted out to some Ministers during their visit to Zunheboto town by public speaks volumes as to how people feel about the quality of governance we have today. Seeking political mileage or that of political arguments are therefore less important than that of the security of the citizens. Unfortunately, the new trend being set by DAN is letting the people of the State to stand for their own defense. Freedom is now given to the citizens of Nagaland to take care of themselves in respect of security of their life and property.

Z. Lohe