Games you can play during quarantine

Games you can play during quarantine
Games you can play during quarantine

Making the most of lockdown with friends and family


Morung Express News

Dimapur| April 24

With the lockdown period extended, people have started to run out of things to do to keep themselves entertained.
To stay social during a time of physical distancing, more people are turning to indoor games and online mobile games. Here’s a list of some of the most popular games people are indulging in during this phase to pass the time.


Ludo: Each evening, Livika and her family members gather around the ludo board and take turns to play the game. It is an intense and highly competitive atmosphere where everyone tries to beat the others and the bonding during this time is amazing, she says. “It has become a sort of family ritual,” she adds. 

With the advent of technology, online Ludo games are also available. Ludo King and Ludo star apps are one of the most popular ones among Nagas these days. 

“My mom and aunt are inseparable, but due to the lockdown, they cannot visit each other. Installing the ludo app has helped them connect even when we are in different colonies,” says Ali from Dimapur. 

Meanwhile a group of friends also organises a ludo ‘competition’ each evening. They coordinate their free time on their WhatsApp group, and share results with the others in the group. “It is a fun way of keeping in touch and having fun while at it,” says Kato. If you’re looking for the classic ludo board feel, the Ludo King app also has a snake and ladder mode.


Carrom: Another board game making a comeback of sorts is carrom. While it cannot be said for sure if the game went away, with busier lifestyles, a bunch of people gathered around a carrom board was a dying scene. But now, with more free time on their hands, people are starting to take interest in the game again. 
“Some of us have stopped going to work and some are working from home. When we are not playing mobile games, a board of carrom game is a good way to refresh our minds,” says Wati.


Mobile Legends: Moonton’s popular mobile gaming app, Mobile Legends Bang Bang (MLBB), is a fan favourite among Nagas. Even before the lockdown, the mobile game had a large fan base but with the lockdown, more people are making time for teaming up with friends and playing this game. 

Players can choose different game modes to play- brawl, classic or rank and the new feature called magic chess is also popular among ML players. The game has also updated its interface with hygiene tips to follow during quarantine. A normal rank match will last roughly around 15 to 30 minutes depending on how long either team takes to destroy enemy’s turrets and gain victory. 

If you have pressing chores at hand, we advise you not to play this game until you are free. AFK (Away from keyboard) behaviours will not only cost your team’s gameplay, it will even cost you your credit score.


PUBG: The mobile version of Player Unknown’s Battle Grounds (PUBG) is another popular game among the Nagas. 

Stuck at different localities, Yanger and his friends use the discord app or make use of the conference call facility and play the game while interacting with each other.“I've been playing PUBG since Season 2, but I reached Ace rank for the first time this season, all thanks to the lockdown,” Avi said. With fun new gameplay features and multiple modes and maps, the online based game will keep you entertained for hours. For those whose phone specs do not meet the minimum game requirement, the PUBG Mobile Lite is a good option.


Clash of Clans: Clash of Clans is another game which is gaining more players by the day during this lockdown phase. 

In this combat strategy game, players can form clans and wage clan wars to earn resources like gold, elixir and gems. The amount of planning and strategy that goes into training troops and waging clan wars is no less than an actual war room situation, according to Toto, whose clan has a WhatsApp group dedicated to CoC discussions. 
“We can chat in-game too, but the planning and coordination is done better on WhatsApp with all members present,” he said. 


FIFA Mobile: Football fans deprived of their regular dose of weekend football action are turning to mobile football games. FIFA mobile, a simulation video game published by EA Sports for iOS and Android. Real time online matches and local match modes enable players to have the thrill of console football on their mobile devices. You can play this game with friends as well as challenge random players online.

Besides these, there are several other games that can make your quarantine period less boring. Online services like Xbox Live, PlayStation Plus, Nintendo Switch Online, Steam etc are keeping people connected to millions of games and people. Other game options can be Monopoly, Uno, online card games, Call of Duty: Mobile etc. From Candy Crush to GTA, choose from an array of options both offline and online, to make you stay insideand safe.