GPRN/NSCN rebuke uncalled action of NSCN (IM)

The GPRN/NSCN has dismayed and condemned the actions of NSCN (IM) cadres, who persist to create annoyance without rhyme and reason, arrested its members often offensively, even unarmed workers are not spared in and around Sinapati, Shepoumaranth Region. In spite of hue and cry made by peace loving citizens to cease all forms of factional clashes and arrest to uphold the spirit of brotherhood for reconciliation, but all pleas has fallen into the deaf ears of NSCN (IM) cadres. 

Under the aegis of FNR various political groups came together and took part on reconciliation: A journey of common hope have time and again assured and reassured “before God and fellow human beings” that in the spirit of reconciliation they will understand one another and works towards a shared Naga common future. The signatories of the “Naga concordant” too agree that there will be only “one Naga political solution”. Since May 2008, Naga Political leaders took up courageous giant leap forward in surpassing and culminating the differences, that existed among the political groups and thus opens a new chapter in Naga history, through building relationship in the spirit of brotherhood, making it possible for Nagas to experience and taste the “sweetness of peaceful co-existence” results relative calm, with the cessation of complete hostilities among brethrens, the factional clashes was subsided innumerably. Thus, giving hope to look forward optimistically to accomplish our desired common shared future, keeping in mind the dedicated commitment made by our top leaders. However, in contrast to our enthusiasm Brigadier Souni, the commander of Huthrong Brigade, NSCN (IM), under his directive arrests five National Workers of GPRN/NSCN in recent times. This is highly questionable and detrimental to the signing of “covenant of reconciliation”. The following are the GPRN/NSCN members who were arrested by NSCN (IM) cadres are 1.  Razu Peyu, Kaisu (Rocky), was arrested on March 2012 and released on bail after three months with a fine of Rs. 20000/-,  2. Sgt.Maj Alas was arrested on 29th June 2012 and release with the fine of Rs.20000/-, 

In the month of August 2012, alone itself the NSCN(IM) cadres have arrested three Naga Armies who are still in the custody of NSCN (IM) they are 3.Sgt.Maj. Loli Moses arrested on 22nd Augst, 2012, 4. Luit. Deikho on 26th Augst, 2012, 5. Capt. Kumar on 29th Augst 2012.

The arrogance and haughtiness of one Brgdr. Souni, Commander, Huthrong Brigade of NSCN (IM) directly demoralize the commitment of six top leaders. Without knowing clearly the consequences and eventuality of its aftermath, he seems to be flying high. The GPRN/NSCN is compelled to release this press statement so that the higher ups of NSCN (IM) be aware and taken care of strict corrective measures before it is too late. The GPRN/NSCN cannot allow one to ride his own way and continue tumble riding on his own whims.  It is very unfortunate for Nagas to have such an irresponsible person as commander, who without being aware of the present political situation acted upon senselessly, prompt by narrow-minded selfishly inclining towards materialistic ends. Such acts may result unwanted costly outcome and drift us apart once again, back to square one. 

Instead we need to stand up firmly together, to tackle the situation where even-handedness spirit is required to stoutly and cheerfully exhibit brotherhood spirit, we need to create the right kind of feeling through our approaches, showing greater understanding to each other’s concerns and sensitivities will definitely help us to solve through mutual understanding, we must learn from the past blunders. It is time for us to move beyond reiteration of our own position but to forge-out more substantive outcome and uphold the ethical commitment of our leaders at any cost.

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