‘High time we learn to once again love one another’

Peren, May 9 (MExN): Peace Channel with its motto ‘Be a channel of peace’, an emerging youth movement, was formally inaugurated at Baptist High School, Peren district, on April 29.

Welcoming the initiative of launching the movement, Principal Ihusing Liaise stressed that peace is the urgent need of the hour and ‘everyone should learn to take it upon one’s shoulder’ to spread the message of peace and love to others ‘as brothers and sisters created by one God in His own loving image’. Also pointing out that violence and hatred has only brought more bloodshed and division among people, Liaise said it is high time ‘we learn to once again love one another’. He further assured his full support to the movement in every way possible.

Malcolm Fernandez, Peace coordinator for Peren district, expressed appreciation to the students for stepping out to become a means for social change in  society. He said, that as Peace Channel members, “one should be a peace lover, peacemaker and peace promoter”. Reminding the students that they are the future leaders of society, it was their responsibility to change this culture of violence into a culture of Peace. Fernandez said that peace ‘begins in oneself and is shared to others in ways of kindness’.

Fernandez further pointed out that youth have tremendous talents that have to be explored; only then, he said, change is possible. He further stressed on the objectives and principles of the movement while assuring the youths that Peace Channel would assist them in every way possible and help them to grow and form responsible behaviour with peace and love in their hearts. On the occasion, over 75 students, along with Mahenwangbou, the Peace channel school animator, took the Peace membership pledge and volunteered themselves as Peace activists.