‘Home has become like a small church’: Life during lockdown - Part VII

‘Home has become like a small church’: Life during lockdown - Part VII
‘Home has become like a small church’: Life during lockdown - Part VII

Nagaland’s state capital Kohima wears deserted look during lockdown period. (Morung Photo)


Chizokho Vero
Kohima | April 12

“We took time to have regular family prayer fellowship and sing hymns together. Home has become like a small church during this period,” maintained Kelhikha Kenye, sharing his view on the current COVID-19 lockdown to The Morung Express.

In the last 19 days, I have spent the best time with my wife and children, he added. 

The Morung Express has been approaching the cross-section of people to gather their views and how they are spending their time during the nationwide lockdown period.

“Most of my days I spent time working on our family kitchen gardening, looking after my wife flowers (which I don’t do other times lol), watch youtubes videos with children, updating myself with new information through Facebook, prepare lunch and juice for family members,” informed Kenye.

He shared that initially, to stay home 24 hours a day was very hard for him as he is an outgoing person with hectic work schedules.

“But slowly I started enjoying spending time with family.”

His message: Considering the danger of pandemic COVID-19 and the medical facilities we have, we all must extend total support to government guidelines by staying home and maintain social distance. Prevention is the only option for us, he maintained.

We cannot change the external circumstances in our life but we can always turn any circumstances into opportunities. Lock down period has been the golden opportunity to renew our relationship with God and build stronger bond with family members, he said.

He added that COVID-19 will redefine our lifestyle in many ways post lockdown.

“Nobody is untouchable by pandemic disease like this. We are all dependent on one another to keep ourselves safe. Let us learn to set aside petty differences in life and make effort to create a better world for all,” Kenye added.

Do not spread rumours, pray for one another
Kethosituo Elvis Mepfhuoü said that he have been able to finish some small repair works at home that he was not able to get time earlier.

He tried learning certain online lessons, watched news on TV and kept himself updated on WhatsApp and Facebook.
His message. Please follow safety guidelines. Stay home. Stay Active. Protect yourself and your loved ones. Come out only for medical emergency or procurement of essential needs, but take utmost precaution to protect yourself.

He also told others to help poor and illiterate people who are struggling and educate them about the virus and the importance of social distancing.

Do not spread rumours. Pray for one another, he added.

Further, Mepfhuo appealed to the government to utilize whatever resources it has, to invest in medical supplies and ensure maximum personal protection equipment for “our dear healthcare workers who stand between us and the virus.”
He also appealed the government to ensure that no one goes hungry and neglected as a result of this lockdown.


Include exercise in daily routine
Azeu Namcyn Hau told fellow citizens to include exercise in their daily routine during lockdown.
“Nothing like inculcating rigorous exercises in our daily lives. It gives one a hearty appetite, a peaceful sleep and a healthy body. Stay at home. Eat smart, Exercise daily and stay healthy,” he added.