“Honesty Is The Best Policy”


In breaking our silence and yet in a move of patience with all faith and hope for peace and goodness, the Yimchungrü Tribal Council (YTC) is compelled to issue the following statements without any malice, ill feeling and intentions to any individual, organizations, agencies etc whether Governmental or public.

In the recent past, our attention has been drawn from the various press statements in regard to the situation and development concerning the integrity of Yimchungrü Tribe and the incidents therein at Shamator and Pungro Sub divisions As a parental organization and authority, the YTC on behalf of the entire Yimchungrü Naga tribe endorse herewith the statement for harmonious and a peaceful co-existence amongst neighbours and with one another in Black and White.

The YTC resolved to condemn the self-style and dictatorial functioning of the deranged President of the Kiphire District GBs Association Mr. Yangkyumong and the Secretary Mr. Litsaba. Incidentally, the President is the father-in-law of Tajingki whose father is the deceased Hd. GB of Zaonger Village.

Resolved to condemn the destructive minded President of the G.B. Association and those responsible (whether public or Officials as such) where instead of maintaining law and order and peace are in contrast indulging in inciting communal violence and instability and consequently leading to unrest and gross law and order problems and civil disorders.

In line with the statements the YTC further condemns the above individuals, associations or any other individuals for misleading the state Government, misuse and manipulation of the District Administrative Machinery of Kiphire District.

We strongly urge that the President and the Secretary of the Kiphire District GBs. Association be arrested by the Govt. immediately for war-mongering, rumour-mongering and false propagation leading to sectarian and communal violence and tension.

That the issue and the background leading to the killing of the 7 (seven) persons of the Zaonger Village is a feud which the public are capable and in position in answering the govt. over the incident in all fairness and truth if need be.

That the 7 (seven) deceased are not innocent and blameless as projected by the aggrieved family members, certain unwanted outsiders and elements, and above all, by the hijacked and manipulated GBs Association of Kiphire District.

The GBs Association is a forum consisting of Yimchungrü, Sangtams and Sumi Tribes and hence not a platform for self interest and misuse by any particular tribe or individuals of Kiphire District. Against this backdrop there was no collective prior discussion or decision, or least of all, fairly represented for the issue of press statements and representation etc.

That the 7 (seven) deceased persons, (out of which one was a Limitsong Terrorist) were killed in self-defence and their death is an outcome and consequence of their conspiracies and evil intentions where they had elaborately and secretly planned to attack Zaonger Village and to assassinate/murder several Yimchungrü Public Leaders and Elders in collaboration with a terrorist outfit called Limitsong. The venomous deceased had to be killed in pure self-defence as stated before innocent and defenceless public could be murdered in cold blood.

It was a public movement to defend themselves, their territory and integrity. We ask – Is it a crime to do so? We certainly do not approve of violence and killings in any form for no reason, but what would you do if a brood of venomous snakes come to strike you without any provocation; will you not kill the snake or your attacker in self defence? Isn’t it only a sensible act and a basic right to do so and to defend oneself no matter what and how?

For any village, tribe, community, etc. as here in Nagaland, one would under any circumstances defend their homeland in any form of aggression and assault. Therefore it is the bounden duty of every Yimchunger Naga to defend themselves for what is rightfully theirs for their survival and integrity. We do not occupy and possess nobody’s land, nor do we subjugate and oppress others, nor will we allow others to do so to us.

That the remaining 2 (two) namely Lolumthong and Sheshimkiu who apparently jumped out of the DBs Court window are members of the terrorist outfit Limitsong who were in possession of unlicensed weapons (Pistol).

YTC condemns certain District Administrative Officers for conniving and making use of Limitsong outfits without verifying their true identity (Lolumthong and Sheshimkiu) who were used in assisting the arrest of some public of Zaonger Village. Sheshimkiu incidentally is the younger son of the deceased Hd. GB and the brother of the son in-law of Yangkyumong, the President of Kiphire District GBs Association – Tajingki.

The YTC also denounces the locals who are in the habit of irresponsibly and shamelessly misleading and misguiding other non-local govt. officials both at the state level and the District levels by twisting facts like their mindsets.

The YTC is equally wary over the lackadaisical and perplexed approach of the State Machinery, where inspite of prima-facie evidences over the killing of Special Task Force (STF) personnel who were on active duty in cold blood by Limitsong terrorists, is yet to take any steps to arrest those involved. This sort of attitude will only create a sense of insecurity and lack of coverage amongst dutiful security personnel and the public in general. The outfit (Limitsong) is involved in disrupting day to day public life and yet, after promising assurances by the govt. and followed by representations and reminders the govt. is yet to implement the assurances for banning and disarming the outfit. However in much contrast the govt. was only to quick to respond and react to the reports sent from Kiphire Head Quarter and led to the arrest of the 6 (six) villagers of Zaonger Village.

While there are Global efforts at the highest level to destroy and overcome terrorism, we have right here in our backyard a patronised and free-moving Limitsong terrorists akin to Al-Quedas and Osama bin Ladens by sections of our own people for reasons best known to them.

Lastly, we urgently appeal the State Govt. for the immediate release of the six Yimchungrü public of Zaonger village who are detained illegally and tortured beyond human tolerance by police officials of Kiphire District H.Q. under police custody here in Dimapur. It may be mentioned that the public were brought to Dimapur under the pretext of safety precautions.

In conclusion, the YTC appeals to the General Naga Public and Right thinking citizens to judge and opine in all fairness as stated. We further appeal to all third party, individuals, organizations and agencies not to involve in and incite one-sidedness. It is a matter within our community and we request for non-interference in the interest of peaceful co-existence, harmony and for a united Naga Family.

Long Live Naga Unity.
Down with divisive elements.
Last but not the least - LET THE TRUTH PREVAIL

(The writer is the President of Yimchungrü Tribal Council)