Humanitarian ground abused

“There is room for anything bad in Nagaland; corruption can take place in good faith, fratricidal killings can take place in the interest of the public (without consulting the public’s voice!), etc, the good is being suffocated, law is taken into the hands of the irrational and selfish ignorant, the public are taken for a ride anytime the need arises! A time to reckon for the one who can discern”

They say the students and youths of today are the future of tomorrow, and if that is true, the right time for retrospection is NOW. At this juncture reigned by chaos and confusion everywhere; over-ground and underground debacle over petty issues that which does not concern the Naga people in general, far-from the real genuine cause, but for their selfish ends resulting from personal issues. However, we can not ignore any issues taken up by any organization in the interest of all the Naga people. 

In my course of interaction with laymen like me and intellectuals of different levels I have heard from only few people who has praises for the Highest NGOs in Nagaland including the Honored body of NSF; they say NSF is hardly concerned about the welfare of the Naga students and does not take up issues at hand. Now, I do not know if we are supporting the NSF in asking our underground and over-ground leaders to leave aside the students from their petty struggle for supremacy, and also the most important issue today if not the biggest, the NPSC issue at our disposal and students’ related issues.

With regard to polluting the future society by involving the students of today wrongly in the Naga political struggle which do not conform the whole Naga populace, I feel we should ask those leaders if they have any personal grudges against each other, let the Nagas prepare a boxing ring happily, where they can box and settle their personal dispute in the public arena, if need be, instead of selling the Nagas internally or internationally. Unity and only unity with the help of God the Almighty is the only desire of our Naga people.  Nobody and nobody can take the name of the public for personal interest. There are too many things to address, but in short; if you are evil please die with your evil quietly and do not pollute our generation. 

Especially our Naga youths should learn how to identify issues; personal issues should not be nationalized in the Naga context nor should a national or state issue be reduced to personal or communal or clan issues. If we do so the thought of advancing and catching up with the rest of the world is a far cry.  

We are privileged and indebted to NSF at the moment for pressurizing the NPSC to be whitewashed from all sorts of corruption and malpractices. This matter should be seriously reviewed by all the Naga youths, because the people who stand to be benefited are the Naga youths and nobody. We should extend our full support to the NSF leaders in such a cause of supreme sacrifice. When I say this, do I mean to accuse and personalize anyone of the wrongdoings? The answer is no. No one is at fault and everyone is innocent, even a criminal, unless proven guilty. So, demanding the CBI enquiry does not necessarily reflect the blame forced upon anyone here, but the fact is that, NPSC is found to have caused anomalies in its functioning, as such basing on the facts of such misconducts, an enquiry is necessary to initiate an action or drop the case for lack of evidence, BUT why should anyone stand in the way of enquiry and investigation?! The long list of confusing excuses appears to be flatly illogical.  

The talk of humanitarian ground does not have any room here. The word humanitarian ground is for the upliftment of the downtrodden and not to be abused. I remember once a corruption case against a BIGSHOT was sought to be dropped in GOOD FAITH! Hee hee….. We are great people that we want big officers to be forgiven unconditionally of their mistakes; our Christian faith becomes handy to be manifested at a very wrong time. Is Nagaland for Christ or for the BULLIES?! WONDERFUL! Is the convenience of the privileged the benefit of the downtrodden and oppressed? If so, then why do the deprived still suffer? 

The whole system is questionable. The government unless against the people has to be serious to peoples issues especially that which concerns the future citizens. The demand for enquiry by the highest investigating authority is well justified. These issues are not to be mistaken as NSF leaders’ issue, but are Naga issues. We shouldn’t wait for any bell to ring louder to wake us from our slumbers. The time is now.  

Joshua Sheqi Naga
5th Semester LLB
Kohima Law College