Is the Mighty Cong playing into the hands of the Regional Govt?

Kedi Haralu

The complete turnover with the Congress Party in Nagaland was the introduction of PR Rule first and then the unthinkable distribution of Party Tickets, which has broke up whatever previous unity and party diehards who have now shifted camp. The centre has made a rather major error giving much to leeway to the other National Parties like the Lotus Brigade and the Laloo Brigade. The NPF is now somewhat cozy, having no threat as such from the Congress, apart from one or two Candidates who are heavyweights, but as we all remember in the last assembly elections, we had giant slayers, although we had a faction to ensure their downfall, the public too made a huge difference, for they had had enough of ten years or to be exact, 8 years of opposition less State Legislative Assembly. Although a lot of people in Nagaland were disheartened and disappointed with the NPF led DAN Government, and that they had decided to give the Congress a chance, the two major errors of the Party leaders in the Opposition bench has made their final fatal error, and now that has turned the public against them once again. Many people have asked me how the politicians will be fought this time, and my usual answer was and still is, money, money, money. The ultimate decision makers are those in the grassroots, and since most have never seen their candidates after the election victory, they have their “sacks” cleaned and dusted, to vote for whoever that is willing to spend. Now, this is where the DAN Government has the edge over the Congress, for there is a huge difference on being in power for nearly five years and being out of power for that similar amount of time. Other parties like the RJD have several Ministers in the Union  Ministry, who will ensure that they do not run out of money in the State of (As Vilas Paswan-ji will say “mere Naga - landh me!).  

Now heavy weights from the former Congress Party who have been disappointed by the distribution of tickets are being offered other tickets, but a wise and a far sighted heavyweight would and should contest as an Independent, for it will be the Independent MLA’s who will be the final Castle builders, after the elections. Though it is always good to be under a banner of a Party, especially a National Party, the Center will always have the last say, thus they will ensure that their investments are worth it, and not spent uselessly. Imagine and Indian giving you free money? I do not believe it. Every penny the Center will spend and also the National workers will spend will be with numerous Strings attached. It is like making a deal with the devil himself “give me the power and I will give you my soul.”

As Mahatma Gandhi’s Personal Secretary said in his book, “Bappu died a disillusioned, disappointed man”, for their were more peace in India under the British Raj more so then the post Independent India, with Communal clashes causing divisions which is prevalent till today. India and Pakistan are sworn enemies and Bangladesh previously East Pakistan, a haven for the Al qaeda and ISI plus double agents, extremists and terrorists, who march in and out of India at ease, right under the nose of the money made blind Bangladesh Rifles and the Border Security Force. Likewise the Nagas are somewhat disillusioned and some are disappointed, but deep in the hearts of every Naga a light, a fire burns – a fire called Regionalism or Nationhood. In Conclusion, the final say will be the money, yes, but when inside the polling booth all alone when nobody is watching, where will ones finger press? National Workers or no National Workers, Money or No Money, the end result will be the ultimate conscience of the electorate, I mean the Local Naga Electorates. Is anybody’s board Game now, for what comes out from the mouth is usually what is in the heart, only God can judge that and know that, not a mere human like you and me.