'Keep the candle of humanity burning'

'Keep the candle of humanity burning'
'Keep the candle of humanity burning'

Three women carried out a donation drive for those at the quarantine centres in Dimapur which received a pouring in of help from numerous people.  

Three women lead donation drive to help people at Dimapur quarantine centres 


Morung Express News
Kohima | May 3

Amidst these challenging times of a pandemic and a nationwide lockdown with many stranded and seeking relief, three women and a Church in Dimapur stepped up to provide essentials for the homeless and stranded at the quarantine centers in Dimapur.

Following a discussion, Asha Sanchu from Miqlat Ministry; Gugu Haralu, Social Activist and Member of Peace Channel and Ela Sani from Prodigals' Home visited the quarantine centers in Dimapur where the homeless and stranded were seeking relief during the lockdown. There, they interacted with the people and collected the list of needs and decided to conduct donations drives for them.

"The people in the centers are homeless people, beggars; some of them are from neighbouring states who are small time businesspeople, shop owners, labourers, stranded travellers. There were also children and women, including pregnant women. We wanted to see what can be done, so we started identifying the needs of the people in the quarantine centers," says Gugu Haralu, who in turn shared these needs with her local church Kuda Baptist Church, Dimapur.

The response was immediate. A day was assigned for the Church members to come and donate any of the needs listed. These included clothes, toys, soap, tooth brush, toothpaste, food etc. Apart from these, the members were asked to donate anything they wanted from their homes in their own capacity. The contribution of the Church members was immense with the Church donating clothes, inner wears, shoes, toys, sanitary essentials, sweets, snacks, food items including cash.

“We didn't expect much but our car was full and we were so blessed. We sorted out the clothes and distributed the same day. With the cash donated, we bought the essential items such as sugar, milk, tea etc. To get the support of the church, it just broadened the possibility of blessings pouring in not just for us but for those who receive and give. It was such a joy to see the faces of these people,” says Haralu. 

Appreciating the support and contribution of the Church, Ela Sani said, "It was a humbling experience to be part of the team for this initiative in this difficult time.” 

“All efforts made by every church member towards this joint support is an example of bringing out our humane side and sharing hope and love to our neighbors, our fellow brothers and sisters in need," added Ela.

With the help of the District administration of Dimapur, EAC Chumoukedima, Vivekananda welfare foundation team of volunteers, Childline Dimapur and the moral support from Nagaland NGOs Forum (NNF), the three were able to distribute the items to the centers.

The three women hope the act will encourage others to also contribute and extend support to those in need during the lockdown. For Gugu Haralu, the initiative is an example of how "collective role starting from an individual can keep the candle of humanity burning".