Kire for review of Quota System

Phek, December 27 (MExN): Nagaland Khadi & Village Industries Board chairman Dr. Neikiesalie Nicky Kire, MLA today said that the government needs to review the matter of ‘backward tribe’ and the quota system currently in Nagaland. The state must decide from time to time which tribe may be included among the ‘advanced tribe’ or communities.

He said this while addressing the 56th general session of the Phusachodumi Students Union this morning. Dr. Kire implied that the Chakhesangs are ‘only backward officially’ but now there are a good number of them serving in various capacities both in the administration and police. The two are organizations which are basically the backbone of any state government as also in various departments and other spheres of competence. In fact, ‘officially keeping any tribe backward tends to affect the psychology’, he explained and this backward mindset must be done away with. 

“I visualize that eventually, the Chakhesangs will man high posts in practically all the departments as more and more students are appearing the competitive exams” he said. The legislator recalled a Miss Nagaland contest where an aspirant was queried what she thought about the 33% reservation for women. Her reply was to the effect that there was no need, for both men and women are equal. “Whoever she was, I really appreciate her comment. As a matter of fact Naga women are also rising in all walks of life and that is a good sign” Dr. Kire said.

Another issue he broached was parents’ tendency to insist that their children opt mainly for government service ‘which is already saturated’. “I feel that some parents may be stumbling blocks to the future of their own children and so should try and review it. Perhaps we are not guiding our children properly although we mean well. Besides, many Nagas can work outside the state,” Dr Nicky opined.

“Never leave your lessons for tomorrow. Please learn one new word from the dictionary every day. It will stand you in good stead. I think it is most proper to have some career guidance on a regular basis. Resource persons are always available as per their specializations. The students’ union may like to consider it,” Dr Nicky advised. He however, lamented that “most students organizations tend to go against government decisions. Better to always go for a second opinion before taking any action, he said. The MLA also lamented the fact that banks in Nagaland hesitate to give out loans to young entrepreneurs with potential, because repayment is not made in time or are not made at all. 

For instance, in Mizoram state, banks instead request people to seek loans because there the people meet their commitments on time. He disclosed that the local Mizos have in fact driven out non-Mizo businessmen and have begun their own business establishments. “I appeal to the students to visit Mizoram and see how people conduct their various businesses. In fact, I am ready to sponsor a trip for selected students along with some elders to Aizawl and back” the legislator said.

He also appreciated that in most parts of Phek district there are signboards that say “Work and eat.”  For this “I think we have to develop work culture” he remarked.

Earlier, an elder of the village Chosanyi Rose advised the youngsters to go for quality education and inculcate good character. PSU president Vezhotso Khamo in his welcome address said that “As the mediocre has no place in this era, the union’s various teams stressed the need of personal development of students’ community so as to compete with other advanced communities” he said time is ripe to do away with the complex of backwardness from the mindset. 

“We need to know ourselves, realizing our weaknesses, identifying such individual potentialities, set our objectives and I am sure that we will be able to achieve our goal and motto: Rise with the progress of peace and unity”, Khamo said. “The focus is on all-round development of the students and village community” he added.