Kohima citizens continue to flout mask wearing rules

Morung Express News 
Kohima | November 21

A total of 3,280 defaulters were caught without wearing masks during the second week of mandatory mask wearing enforcement in Kohima.

Initiated by the Association of Kohima Municipal Wards Panchayat (AKMWP), 5,380 defaulters were caught last week with the total number of defaulters standing at 7,660 within a span of two weeks.

In the second week, the AKWMP informed that the highest numbers of defaulters (380) were caught on Saturday.

"Despite knowing that the number of COVID-19 positives and casualties are increasing almost every day, citizens are becoming more and more carefree and are not serious about the fatality of the virus," rued AKMWP President Neibulie Kiewhuo.

The Association has once again urged the citizens in Kohima to “understand the importance of wearing face mask to protect themselves and the society at large.”