• Kohima citizens continue to flout mask wearing rules
    Morung Express News  Kohima | November 21 A total of 3,280 defaulters were caught without wearing masks during the second week of mandatory mask wearing enforcement in Kohima. Initiated by the Association of Kohima Municipal Wards Panchayat (AKMWP), 5,380 defaulters were caught last week with the total number of defaulters standing at 7,660 within a span of two weeks. In the second week, the AKWMP informed that the highest numbers of defaulters (380) were caught on Satur
  • Self-cleaning mask can kill viruses with heat from phone charger, researchers say
    HAIFA, Israel, June 17 (Reuters): Israeli researchers say they have invented a reusable face mask that can kill the coronavirus with heat by drawing power from a mobile phone charger.   The disinfecting process takes about 30 minutes - and users should not wear the mask while it is plugged in, said Professor Yair Ein-Eli, who led the research team at Technion University in Haifa.   The new mask has a USB port that connects to a power source such as a standard
  • Face masks compulsory on public transport as UK further eases lockdown
    London, June 16 (IANS) As non-essential stores reopened and more students headed back to schools in England on Monday for the first time in almost three-months, a new rule also came into force in requiring people travelling on public transport to wear face coverings during their journeys.   Under the new rule which took effect on Monday, people in England travelling on trains, buses and commuter ferries, as well as the London Underground, must wear face coverings, reports Xi
  • Spain makes masks mandatory until coronavirus defeated
    MADRID, June 9 (Reuters): Wearing masks in public will remain mandatory in Spain after the country's state of emergency ends on June 21 until a cure or vaccine for the coronavirus is found, Health Minister Salvador Illa said on Tuesday.   Spaniards must continue to wear masks indoors and outdoors if they cannot guarantee a 1.5 metre distance from other people as part of a decree to govern conditions after the lockdown is lifted, Illa told a news conference.