Konyak Union urges Nagaland Govt to withdraw additional forces from Mon

Mon, June 13 (MExN): The Konyak Union (KU) urged the concerned authorities to cancel the deployment of additional troops and withdraw the personnel already stationed in Mon district within 24 hours. The KU made the appeal citing concerns over the disruption of the region's peaceful environment. In a statement, the Union expressed alarm over reports of the state authorities sending additional forces to the district when it is actively working to settle the Urban Local Bodies (ULB) commotion peacefully. Terming it a “tyrannical instigation and attitude" by the authorities, the KU maintained that the presence of additional forces is creating unnecessary public commotion and disrupting the peaceful environment of the land. Urging for the cancellation of deployment and withdrawal of personnel, the KU cautioned that the concerned agency/authority would be held ‘fully responsible’ for any untoward situation that may arise in the future.