Life during lockdown- Part VI

Life during lockdown- Part VI
Life during lockdown- Part VI

People in queue during marketing hour (7:00 AM to 12:00 on every Monday, Wednesday and Friday) in Kohima. The district administration has given order for strict maintenance of social distancing. (Morung Photo)

Chizokho Vero
Kohima | April 11

The Morung Express approached the cross-section of people to gather their views and how they are spending their time during the nationwide lockdown period.

Taking classes through Whatsapp
Bharat Prasad said that he spend most of his time by going through the collection of books.

During this lockdown I manage to read three books. “Supernormal” written by Meg Jay which talks about childhood adversity and the untold story of resilience, “The power of Habit” by Charles Duhigg through his writing he takes us into the thrilling and surprising world of the scientific study of habits and “A matter of belief” by Vibha Joshi.

“Apart from reading books I do take out time to learn about copper plate calligraphy,” he said.   

As a teacher, my students are my priority and becomes important for me to keep them involved and close to studies for which I am also taking classes through whatsapp, said Prasad.

His message: He wanted others to abide by the directives given to the citizen by the concerned authorities without questioning and stay home.

Maintain social distance because it is the only way to shield ourselves against the sickness, he added.

He said that there is also the time to extend our appreciation and gratitude to the real heros- the doctors, health workers, security officials, administration, media fraternity and all those involved in the fight against COVID-19 for our safety, security and well being.

“It is also the time of sharing and coming forward to help those people with whatever we can in this challenging time,” Prasad added.

Pandemic has again warn us to be self sufficient in agri products
“During this lockdown I am investing my time reading the word of God (Bible), working from home, retrospecting, soul-searching, cleaning and spending quality time with family,” said Neiteo Koza, a lawyer.

 “I want to encourage the people to be strong in the Lord and not to panic because God is with us,” Koza said and at the same time told others to take precaution and extend all possible help to the needy who are struggling for food, water and other basic necessities for survival.

“This pandemic has again warned us to be self sufficient in agri and agro products. The traditional agriculture which we have discarded needs to be revived,” she told The Morung Express.

Little act of kindness will make a big difference
Wekoweu Tsuhah of North East Network informed that  that staying home in the village gave her the opportunity to do a lot of other activities that “I love - foraging food, cooking for my family, spending time and having long conversations with my mom.”

Tsuhah said that she also spend her time by reading books (The Zealot by Raza Aslan, “The botany of desire” by Michael Pollan and Museum of the broken cups” by Gunjan Veda) etc.

Her message: Eat healthy, exercise, pray, and value every moment spent at home. Start growing own food no matter the size. Be grateful to all those people who are taking care of us - farmers for feeding us, medical fraternity, sanitation workers, police and many others who are keeping us safe.

Reach out and support the lesser privileged...especially the unorganized workers in peri/urban areas who are struggling with making ends meet, in cash or kind. A little act of kindness will make a big difference.

Further, she felt that government must ensure that the various entitlements reach the people.

Adequate budget allocation must be made towards medical kits and social security for its citizens, Tsuhah suggested.