Lotha Middle Range Public Org honours achievers 2024

Dr Zuben Kikon, CMO Wokha along with LMRPO members and the meritorious achievers during the felicitation programme at Baghty on May 28.

Dr Zuben Kikon, CMO Wokha along with LMRPO members and the meritorious achievers during the felicitation programme at Baghty on May 28.

Morung Express News
Wokha | May 28

The Lotha Middle Range Public Organization (LMRPO) hosted a felicitation programme for meritorious achievers 2024 at Baghty town hall on May 28. 

The felicitation ceremony honoured Mhachilo Yanthan, Top 1 HSLC 2024, Eliyani R Ovung, Top 8 HSLC 2024, Levis Lijano Patton, Top Scorer (English) HSLC, NBSE, Zuyani R Humtsoe, Top Scorer (Lotha) HSLC, NBSE, and Christine Murry, Gold Medalist, MA (English) ICFAI University, Nagaland.

The programme was graced by Dr Zuben Kikon, CMO Wokha as the special guest. In his address, Dr Zuben Kikon expressed great pleasure to be a part of the event and commented the five meritorious achievers for their outstanding accomplishments, stating that they have brought immense pride to both the range and the Lotha Community with their remarkable achievements.

Dr Kikon urged them to maintain the same level of determination and zeal as they pursue further studies. He reminded them to maintain consistency as it will be the key to their continued progress and accomplishments.

Furthermore, he reminded the achievers not to forget their roots and to embody traits of humility, simplicity, and trustworthiness to progress further. He highlighted the current period as one of progress and encouraged energetic participation among the youth, emphasizing the need for experience and thoughtful decision-making.

Stressing the importance of unity, Dr Kikon emphasized that progress begins when individuals work together. He also praised the LMRPO for organising the event which has brought everyone under one roof to celebrate the success of the 5 achievers and concluded with a call for unity and hard work today, with confidence in a victorious tomorrow.

LMRPO President, N John Murry, in his welcome address expressed that the students of Lotha Middle Range willl draw inspiration from the very performance of the achievers.

He maintained that the LMRPO range has been blessed with many gifts by God, although these blessings frequently goes unnoticed by the people and emphasised that the aim of the program was to acknowledge exceptional achievers and motivate those with aspirations. 

The academic achievers also delivered short speeches, while words of appreciation and encouragement was presented by Remphamo Kikon, Additional Director (Retd), Agri & Advisor, LMRPO, and MN Yanthan, Former President & Advisor, LMRPO

Greetings were delivered by Thechamo Ovung, President, LMRVCCU, Y.James Kikon, Chairman Baghty Town, and Chonbenthung B Mozhui General Secretary of LMRSU, with prayer for the successful candidates offered by E. Thechamo Ezung, Pastor, Baptist Church Suko. Asang Ngullie, Vice President LMRPO, chaired the programme, while invocation prayer was offered by Peter Nchumbemo Yanthan, Catechist, Sacred Heart Catholic Church, Bagthy, and vote of thanks by Abemo Lapon, Vice President, LMRPO, mass prayer was led by Longshithung Kikon, Deacon Baptist Church (Soku).