Methaneilie releases remix of ‘Nagaland City Koribole’

Kohima, December 10 (MExN): Renowned Nagamese singer, Methaneilie Jütakhrie Solo today launched the remix version of his popular Nagamese song ‘Nagaland City Koribole’.

Methaneilie, the renowned Tenyidie and Nagamese singer, composer & musician from Tsütuonuomia Khel of Kohima village, informed that the remix version includes the names of more districts of the state.

He also said the song is not to humiliate or hurt the sentiment of the people of any district but it is purely for fun for all to enjoy the festive season.

The video is now available on all of his social media platforms, including YouTube Channel – Methaneilie Jütakhrie Solo from 6:00 PM on Sunday.