Miss Phek 2019 Shefüvi Pfithu shares her journey

Miss Phek 2019 Shefüvi Pfithu shares her journey

Miss Phek 2019 Shefüvi Pfithu shares her journey

Shefüvi Pfithu with Munulu Chizo, Rangulu Keyho and Vogue Entertainment officials during press conference in Kohima on October 8. (Morung Photo)

Miss Phek 2019 is not the only crowning glory for 18-year old Pfithu; a resilient fighter, she has overcome many challenges throughout her young life and is ready to face more, with confidence



Our Correspondent 

Kohima | October 8


Shefüvi Pfithu, the newly crowned Miss Phek 2019, is not just a winner of a beauty pageant, but a resilient fighter who has prevailed over many life’s challenges, including two personal tragedy. 


Sharing her happiness on winning the crown despite many trials and problems she has encountered in her life so far, she said was gaining more confidence and building more passion in wanting to share “what I have then God really did it for me.”


Life has not been ‘beds of roses for this gritty 18-year old Pfithu from Matikhrü village of Meluri.


“Exactly 6 (Six) year down the line, life has been frustrating, yet a miraculous experience I go through,” she said while addressing a press conference at Hotel Japfü on October 8, called by Vogue Entertainment Nagaland.


A tragedy struck her family that time.  “I wanted to grow strong but I lost my daddy who was the most supportive person in my life. That very day onwards, my mourning was so painful. I knew and I promised myself I wanted to feel and learn what true happiness was,” Pfithu recalled.


“Then slowly I saw my Mom growing stronger and I see my sister been supportive as well. I always wanted them not to be discouraged so I tried to keep myself composed in anything I do,” she added.


However it was not the end of her struggle. Slowly recovering from the tragic loss, another personal heartbreak struck.

As Pfithu stepped into her teenage years, she was diagnosed with Thyroid cancer at the age of 16.


 “I was so broken, my whole family was scared and afraid, astonished in hearing my health problem but it was not the end there, my family supported me and we proceed with my treatment,” she narrated.


Pfithu said that she was so afraid “not because of my health but the expenses that will procure all throughout my treatment but God was and is always gracious and provided everything that me and my family needed.”


As human being we faced lots of unending issues from financial instability to personal family problem and society’s criticism as well, she said, adding some were of the opinion that she was cursed!


“Many had discouraged me in the course of fighting the disease and in no time insecurities and inferiority develop over me. I started counting my flaws and I totally forgot my commitment to live a strong life yet miracles continue to happen and God is always there for me,” said Pfithu, who is presently studying at Pranabananda Women's College, Dimapur.


It was around this time, she started to developing the passion of explore herself from within and began sharing what she have, to the people ‘who need to hear her.’



“I realized I have the desire to be a beauty Queen and so I started off my journey as a young inexperience with lots of brokenness in me and I step forward one step closer to my dream. Every day every session I felt God and His beautiful creature continuously supporting me,” she said.


Pfithu also expressed gratitude to Vogue Entertainment Nagaland, the organizer of Phek District Beauty Pageant for providing a platform to her.


“Each day I am gaining more confidence and building more passion in wanting to share what I have then God really did it for me,” she maintained.


“My first journey concluded so well and I believe everything is for the best. Each day I m been reminded by my Mom that God never give us the burden too heavy to carry and yes it is very true indeed,” she added.


Pfithu further said that her heart is “overflowing with gratitude to God and to the people for all the support and encouragement.”


Miss Phek 2019 1st runner up Munulu Chizo and 2nd runner up Rangulu Keyho also shared their experiences at the press conference.


 Vogue Entertainment Nagaland officials Dode Nakro, Diwe-u Thele and Vilhousa Movi present at the press conference.