Mutual cooperation in the service of our people

In spite of fervently requesting ceaselessly to make a peace family and a repose country by elders, leaders, various organization, union and individual lovers of our people, purposely attacking and killing of our people by our own people does not stop at all. It is a common knowledge to all barring infant babies that for even a mass work to be done within a stipulated time and day, unless mutual cooperation and shared understanding exists among members, it cannot be completed successfully. On the other hand, if there is interchange of cooperation and cordial relationship that work will be fruitfully done within a short period of time and days. In other words, healthy competition among various members is paramount important to go ahead and to achieve a certain goal which will be acceptable and welcomed by all. In case, unfortunately and untimely a member of a good helping hand from your family is expire, what will you think of? Will you be happy provided that you will enjoy his share of family property and privilege? The answer is very negative. Similarly, in our very beautiful and precious country we will never be happy nor have a peaceful mind while hearing and knowing about the continuous killing of each other. Instead of stopping it, our patriots like to publicise in daily paper about the number of those shot dead, succumbed to injuries, heavy casualty and seriously injured to the public in a couple of days. Through reading and seeing of their publication and open secret of such news we sometime come to conclude that they are happy to show their power over another. Rigid competition among our Nagas will be a stumbling block to a peaceful and a prosperous country. Competition in trying to produce serious havoc and give wide publicity of sad news to the general public is disliked by our life controlling of God. On the other hand, salubrious competition in trying to procure good deed and publishing jubilant and happy news is much liked by our life creator God. Competition to make widely publication of sad and remorse news does not fall under the preview of healthy competition.

In the olden days at the time of headhunting, warriors had counted the head killed by them and their popularity and countable in the society was largely depended on the number of dead body killed by them. But in the modernization and modern civilization of Christianity contrary to those days, we usually counts and respects a good deed and yeomen service rendering for the general humanity. His popularity and reputation is largely relying on the good service rendering for the larger interest of society.

The British ruled over India for nearly two centuries (1757-1947). There are many great and famous freedom fighters but Mahatma Gandhi was declared as the greatest freedom fighter of all. Mahatma Gandhi had followed non-violent movement which was a great weapon in the hand of him to fight against British imperialism. His principle of non-violence was applied even to the Britishers, then how can we adopts and practices violence within our country Nagas. Why do we Nagas used the violent method among ourselves? Habitual and interval slaughtering of our people by our own people need not bring about mental integration to reach our final destination. Patriotic feeling is in the habit of loving his own people, his resources, his land and his own motherland.

Let all our Nagas mental be integrated and line up on the same ground to play tactfully with the opponent and occupational forces of India and take away the Golden trophy. Neither I support nor against any particular group or party but I just speltingout my heating inner and concerned opinion to the loyal citizens of our country.

Thinoneisie Lhousa, from  Kitsubozou, Kohima.