Nagaland and its handicapped society

What is the problem with Nagaland? Everywhere one looks, there seems to be a problem. Everytime I get out of the house & travel on the roads of Dimapur, I get depressed as well as my food gets digested. Not even the best suspensions of the best vehicles can prepare one for the bumps and jolts that one experiences on the roads of Dimapur. Some says that the better roads in Nagaland are to be found in the towns of Dimapur, Kohima & Mokokchung. If these are to be better ones I wonder how it will be in the interiors and other towns of Nagaland. Either someone invent a flying car or I suggest we go back to riding horses like in the medieval ages. Are we, the citizens of Nagaland, so callous & lethargic that we can’t protest against the people that are responsible for this pathetic condition? Let’s take their perennial excuse about the “Lack” of funds. 

We can understand that the “Lack” of funds may hinder the construction of roads, but what about garbage disposal? I suppose there are hundreds of employees of Town Committees & Municipal Bodies in Nagaland, who are paid from the taxes you & I pay, who are supposed to pick up those garbages. Where are the workers? What are the concerned Authorities doing? Don’t their conscience & Civic sense call out to them whenever they travel around the town? In a commercial hub like Dimapur if the garbage are net cleared even for a day this garbage pile up & spreads around the surroundings, making life miserable and unhygienic with its foul smell. 

In this situation the general public are the one to suffer the most while section of our community are unaffected as they rides off their luxury cars. But what about you and I ‘the common people’ who suffers the most? Should we keep mum and bear the burden, waiting for someone to voice out. In the midst of complexities of problem and issues, we tend to say, ‘I am only an individual’ what can I do? That is true. But remember, those who have done something good, they too, were individuals. Readers who are reading this, might also think, what difference will this mere one letter make? I read a funny but insightful quote on the back of a pack of matches once. It said, “Whoever thinks he’s too small to make a difference, has never been to bed with a mosquito”. Think about it.

I also do agree with a write-up of one Medozeu Haralu in a weekly supplement of Nagaland Post on Aug. 19 2007, when the writer says ‘Dimapur is a Dump’ with those photographs of garbages around the town, which speak volumes about the standard of Dimapur town. It is high time that we should voice together to the concerned Authority for the grievances. 

Another common problem of our state today, is the problem of floods! With the coming of monsoon once again the Media reports are filled with the news of floods in and around Dimapur. Many places are submerged in water where properties worth several crores of rupees destroyed. Worst affected areas like New Market, Bank Colony, Dhobinala approach road to Zeliangrong Village (Kabui Basti), Island Colony, Chungaijaeng Colony and other parts of Burma Camp & other low lying areas are inundated in water even with an hour of heavy shower, and the dwellers have no other option but to pack their belonging, which is a very sorry state for the dwellers, vehicles & pedestrians etc. Water logging crisis is not a new affair to the resident of these areas but every year when the monsoon arrivers they are the first to face the heinous act of floods.

No doubt water logging crises may be a result of both Natural & Man-Made factors. But at this very moment of emotional depression of the victims, it is highly expected from the Govt., NGO’s and other organizations to come forward and render their helping hand to the victims, at this moment when your help is mostly needed. At this hour of crisis, let us help one another.

My dear reader friends, let us wake up from our slumber and try to do something about it, however small our contribution might be. Otherwise, from being severely crippled as a society, we’ll soon become dead and extinct like the proverbial dodo.

Dijang Kamson Dimapur.