Nagaland Congress joins ‘Rozgar Do’ campaign

NPYC officials and others with Sarifa Rahman during the launching of ‘Rozgar Do’ in Kohima on September 26. (Morung Photo)
NPYC officials and others with Sarifa Rahman during the launching of ‘Rozgar Do’ in Kohima on September 26. (Morung Photo)

Our Correspondent
Kohima | September 26

Nagaland Pradesh Youth Congress (NPYC) launched ‘Rozgar Do’ at Congress Bhavan, Kohima on September 26.

Speaking at the launching ceremony, NPYC president Vilhousielie Kenguruse lamented that the People Democratic Alliance (PDA) government in Nagaland has miserably failed to manage and control the escalated prices of essential commodities during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Stating that the government of the day has turned blind and deaf on the plight and misery on its people, he said, “The government must control the escalated prices of all essential commodities and other needs of the people back to normal prices, otherwise the silent sufferers may explode which is not too far.”

He said that during this pandemic, the tall claims of extending help and assistance towards stranded and migrant workers were made. However, the government has totally failed to address the basic needs of the daily waged earners, poor and downtrodden, and even the unemployed Naga youth were left unattended.

He said that as per the available records from employment department, the registered unemployed youth stands 90,584 in Nagaland as on February 21, 2020.

“Imagine, if we count those unregistered unemployed Naga youth and returnees from other states, the percentage of unemployed Naga youth may cross six digit figures, doubling or even triple the latest registered records. Sadly, government of the day has no concrete action plan as of now,” Kenguruse alleged.

Stating that successive central government has poured crores and crores of rupees to Nagaland for unemployed youth through skill development, Prime Minister Employment Generation Programme PMEGP and many other employment scheme/programmes/projects, he said the state government must come out with clear way forward plans for effective implementation cutting across all political barriers.

He also stated that the state government must enact the Securitizations and Reconstruction of Financial Assets and Enforcement of Security Interest (SARFAESI) Act, 2002 to enable those unemployed Naga youth to avail loans from bank institutions.

“Government is for the people and therefore Nagaland government should make alternative ways for Naga youth if it truly represents its people,” he said.

Sarifa Rahman, Indian Youth Congress (IYC) secretary and incharge of 5 NE states said that unemployment is now a major issue in the country and it is resulted on account of unplanned policy.

“Modi government has miserably failed to help the poor and needy people,” she lamented.

She continued that unemployment is increasing day by day. During this pandemic, more than 2 crore people have lost their job.

She challenged that all the unemployed youth and all the people of the nation who think that unemployment is an issue which should be taken care of should register and give miscall to 7998799854 and join in this massive campaign of ‘Rozgar Do’ and raise their voice against the highest unemployment rate in the country.

NPYC general secretary (Admn) Serangmong K. Sangtam said that due to lack of employment, the individual suffers, the family suffers, the society suffers and ultimately the entire nation suffers.

“Why should the potential of the youth be denied of good job opportunities?” he questioned.

He urged the central and the state government to look into the grievances of the youth.

Further, he announced that the NPYC firmly oppose the denial of millions of job promised by Modi government.