Nagaland: PAC extends solidarity with transporters

Dimapur, September 30 (MExN): The Public Action Committee (PAC) Dimapur on Wednesday extended solidarity to the economic blockade started by the association of truck owners and drivers union in Dimapur and Khatkhati / Lahorijan, Assam.

Demanding that the grievances should be addressed without delay to avoid causing hardship of the citizens, the PAC also appealed to peace loving citizens and organizations to support the transporters.

The Committee condemned the killing of the truck driver in Dimapur and demanded befitting punishment for the culprits.

PAC also reminded the government on the nearing deadline and cautioned that it would not ‘shy away’ from the desire of the society for peace, justice and equality.

Further, the PAC stated that it always stood against multiple illegal collection of money at various locations.

“PAC have long time back conducted market surveys in Dimapur and found that goods, transport vehicles entering Dimapur are levied multiple illegal payments by various quarters which is one main factor of price escalation,” it stated.

It claimed to have collected ‘hard evidence’ of a single item being taxed multiple times during its ‘Operation Check gate’.

Adding that the State depends on other state for all its needs, the PAC said that the ‘lackadaisical attitude of the government failing to root out illegal collection’ is ultimately borne by the public “who feels the pinch the most.”

It voiced the need for the government to ensure that transport vehicles entering/ passing Dimapur do not face any harassment but be given safe passage from Dimapur to Khuzama.