Nagas should unite for a common goal

 It is the birth-right of the Nagas to be free from foreign rule and live together as a big family under one administrative unit. No power and authority on this earth has the right to suppress the aspiration and democratic rights of the Naga people. It is my sincere prayer and belief that only Almighty God who is the master and creator of all can pave a way to bring about honourable political solution to the long protracted Indo-Naga political problem. At this crucial juncture, irrespective of their factions and political parties, Nagas should work unitedly for the common issue/goal. We should have the courage and wisdom to come together and stand above our individual petty interest. I strongly appeal the neighbouring brothers and sisters living in the states of Assam, Arunachal and Manipur to respect the democratic rights of the Nagas and to extend support, co-operation and solidarity to the ongoing Indo-Naga peace process. At this crucial phase of the Naga history, as a youth, I solemnly take a firm stand with full conviction and commitment to work wholeheartedly for the realization of the long cherished dreams/aspirations of the Naga people.

I hereby, lay down my election manifesto for the forthcoming 9th Manipur Legislative Assembly Election 2007.

God bless Naga people.

•    To extend fullest support and co-operation to the ongoing Indo-Naga peace process/talk for an early honourable/lasting political solution.

•    To work whole heartedly for the unification/integration of all contiguous Naga areas.

•    To extend fullest support and abide by whatever decision the United Naga Council (apex body of the Nagas of Manipur) takes.

•    To work whole heartedly for the all round development and welfare of Naga people.

•    To extend fullest support to the light-minded aspirations and common interest of the hill people.


K. Sebastian, Sangamlung
Intending M.L.A candidature 54 (ST) Nungba constituency 9th Manipur Legislative Assembly 2007