Nation optimistic about the coming year: Survey



 New Delhi, January 1 (IANS): Ending the year on a positive note, a majority of Indians are optimistic about their lives taking a turn for the better. In IANS-CVOTER State of the Nation Poll 2020, more than 67 per cent respondents from 23 states saw the coming year as a year with better conditions for their personal lives and also for the nation.

In a survey with a sample size of 1,600 respondents from 23 different states, 67.5 per cent respondents said the coming year would improve their personal lives, while 20.2 per cent said the year will not bring any change in their lives.

However only 12.4 per cent thought the new year might not turn as good as the passing year and registered a negative response on the question.

Meanwhile, when asked about the way the conditions in the country would turn out in coming years, the respondents presented an optimistic outlook as 67.3 per cent respondents thought the country will see better days in the coming year, while 16.7 per cent of the respondents thought otherwise.

16 per cent of the respondents thought the conditions would not improve or worsen as the country will follow the same path going forward.

"Overall if you see, the nation has a positive approach for the coming year, as the majority of the respondents saw the coming year as a year with better conditions to live both on personal level and on the national level," said Dr Yashwant Deshmukh of CVOTER.IANS