NDPP hits back at NPF Prez, opposition leader

Dimapur, August 1 (MExN): The Nationalist Democratic Progressive Party (NDPP) censured the statements of the Leader of Opposition and the President of the NPF stating that the two have “accused the Chief Minister and the government of trying to shift responsibility to the Governor,” on the matter of the July 7 office memorandum directing state employees to declare relations with members of the Naga Political groups.

In a statement on August 1, the NDPP, Media & Communication Committee stated that the state government, “in a transparent manner,” had come out with “necessary statements” as to why and how this decision came about, after various organisations came out in condemnation against the order. It also pointed out that “the State Government is not a party to the political dialogue.”

“The NPF President and the LoP should first look within and self-introspect on the manner in which they conducted the administration of the Government during their joint and respective regimes,” it said, while adding that “Instability, lack of development, constant camping of elected members instead of governance were the hallmarks of their regimes.”

It also expressed surprise that the NPF President “has taken to personally attacking the NDPP Media & Communication Committee and its members,” and said that as a seasoned party man, “Dr Shurhozelie must be well aware that any political party has its own media wing whose duty is to voice out the thoughts, views and opinions of the party women and men just as how the NPF Press & Media Bureau functions.”

“The statements of the NDPP are not the words of just a few individuals, but an expression of the views and opinions of the entire rank and file of the NDPP as a political party,” it said, while putting across that opposing parties should respect each other’s views and opinions. 

Further, the rank and file of the NDPP acknowledged the PDA Government “for understanding the urgent needs of the youth of Nagaland and realising their long aspiring dreams by approving of the setting up of the Nagaland Staff Selection Board (NSSB) for recruitment to Group-C posts.”

“This action of the incumbent government speaks volumes of the commitment towards ensuring transparency, accountability and good governance,” it said.