Now intentional violators to be put under Police quarantine

Morung Express News
Kohima | June 6

Following in the footsteps of the Assam government, the Nagaland state government is going to set up a special regimented facility for people flouting quarantine norms. This was announced by the Deputy Chief Minister Y Patton today. 

Patton said that those who intentionally violate the norms at quarantine centres will be send to the ‘Police Quarantine Centre’ at Ganeshnagar, Dimapur. 

With the number of positive cases on the rise, Patton informed that there are sufficient beds available at the designated COVID-19 Hospital at Tourist Lodge, Dimapur, although currently no single patient has been admitted.

When enquired on the frequent revised guidelines which often confuse both the public and the government machineries, Patton informed that the state specific May 4 guidelines is in effect i.e. mass congregation of churches, malls, restaurants etc will remain closed.

Home Commissioner, Abhijit Sinha who was also present, said the frequent revision of guidelines which are based on experiences and studies is inevitable. He also informed that the state is drafting its guidelines in consonance with the guidelines of other states and modifying as per the needs of the state.


Rules and regulations
Later in the evening, the State Government issued a set of rules and regulations to be followed in the quarantine facilities, failing which defaulters will be immediately transferred to the Police Quarantine Facility in Ganeshnagar, Dimapur. 

Occupants of quarantine facilities were advised to follow instructions of the medical team and officials and report any symptoms immediately. It also prohibited ‘activities that involve more than one person’ and advised against gathering in groups or moving outside their assigned space/room.

Among others, the guidelines warned against vandalism of property, fighting, stealing, disruptive behavior, inappropriate sexual behavior, manipulation of staff and intimidation of others, stating that such acts of disobedience are punishable offences.