NPFNK condemns ‘quit notice’

Nagas have borne the pains and sufferings cruelly bestowed upon us by the Indians for the past fifty-nine years. During these past years we fought back bravely in Unity. The dearness of our Nation and our Identity instill dignity in us.

But, sad to say, today we are all victims of India’s “divide and rule policy.” Where is the patriotism that we always talk about? Because of “this/that community” we Nagas are not achieving our long-awaited national goal. We Nagas have had too much of blame games. We always complain why this or that is happening, but what are we really doing for the betterment of the society instead of complaining?

Nagas would like to ask the Khaplang group: “What exactly are your intentions? What are your contributions for the so-called nationalism you talk about? Is the patriotism that you always talk about consists of only issuing quit notices and creating ism? How long are you going to be Indianising our Naga brothers and sisters? Don¡¯t you think it is high time that you come out from the crutches of the Indians for the sake of the coming generations? Why are you threatening all the Naga NGOs, student bodies and churches in order to get cheap publicity? Why not do good things to get clean attention instead of indulging in all the beastly acts?” 

Nagas have had enough of the Khaplang group. Besides making itself a laughing stock by its erratic behavior and maniacal mindset, this group from the Burmese-occupied Nagalim is doing everything possible to malign the noble cause of our nation. It is supporting all the groups that are against the existence of the Naga Nation. In the process, the Khaplang group has turned itself into a dirty prostitute, sleeping with the Kukis one day, the next day with the Meiteis, and the following day with the Indian occupation armed forces, etc. And, to our shock, this Khaplang group is committing all these ugly acts in the name of Naga freedom.

NPFNK strongly condemns the quit notice issued to the Tangkhul community. Khaplang group should give up such unhealthy habitual practice once and for all, for in our long history no Naga community had ever been served a quit notice by another Naga community. In its place let us all try to set good examples. As this famous saying goes: ¡°Little drops of water make a mighty ocean,¡± everything starts with a small thing. Let all of us Nagas try to be like the little drops in contributing to a healthy national life through the self-determination of our great nation Nagalim. We Nagas are great people and surely we will be victorious soon by God’s grace!


Mughali Achumi, Gen Secy
Naga People’s Friends Network Korea