NSCN (IM) on the Seithekiema standoff

Dimapur, December 3 (MExN): The three-day standoff between the Security forces and the NSCN (IM) at Seithekiema would not have taken place but for the “ulterior motive of the Assam Rifles under the command of Maj. Aswani”, an MIP press communiqué has clarified. “When the forces of Maj. Aswani came to confront the Naga Army commanded by Lt. Col Yarteo under the pretext that the Naga Army personnel are moving about in the area and nearby areas in full battle gear, the actual mission of the AR become very clear”, the MIP stated adding that the “Naga Army had never gone the way of the Assam Rifle and they had been staying within the four wall of the compound”.

“The proxy war of the security forces against the NSCN that has been deceptively going on for all this years was just about to be executed at Seithekiema,” the MIP stated while alleging that the “forces that Maj. Aswani brought to fight the NSCN are motley of Assam Rifles personnel and Khaplang group who tried to identify themselves as Assam Rifles”.

“With odd looking hair style that stands quite apart from the typical AR looks, the women of the nearby villagers of Seithekiema, Chumukhedima and Patkai could easily identify them and they testified this ugly turn out less the truth of the standoff are directed against the NSCN. And we put our foot down to face any consequences in order to expose the AR-K-group nexus,” the MIP stated in a strong press note received here.

The MIP pointed out that “interestingly, Maj. Aswani is the Camp Commander of AR at Vihokhu, and the Seithekiema area never falls in his jurisdiction”. “What is his business to come all the way to Seithekiema from Vihokhu? Is he not doing the K-group bidding against NSCN? Why did he refuse to withdraw when asked to do so by the Ceasefire Monitoring Cell Authorities (India)?” the MIP questioned.

“No accusing finger towards AR who brought K-group members for no reason. The village women who had a close encounter with them to exercise restraint keeping in mind the public interest were shocked to witness the K-boys who were found standing side by side with AR but with their face covered. NSCN knew too well the reason for the provocative show off by this AR-K-group combine forces. Otherwise, we would have vacated the area on the first hour itself. But when the K-group was brought in the guise of AR, the showdown became the only option no matter whose blood will flow in the Patkai River. That was the turning point for the Naga Army ready to face the challenge thrown by AR with K-group joining with them,” the MIP informed on the recent stand-off.

The MIP stated that had it not been for the presence of the Naga 'Women Hoho', along with the women of Seithekiema, 4th mile, Patkai and Chumukhedima “anything could have happened” and that these “women are the eye witness to testify who accompanied the AR”. The NSCN (IM) expressed gratitude to these women groups stating that it had listened to their pleading not to spill blood again in the area.

“The culprit of the standoff Maj. Aswani's exact motive need not be probed further, but what makes him go the extend of joining forces with K-group against NSCN?” the MIP questioned adding that the “NSCN will brook no 'military operation' that is deliberately pre-planned to test the nerve of the Naga Army”. “The message is clear for the future and the Naga Army shall not be found wanting in action,” it stated.