NSCW for anti-illegal immigrant policy

Dimapur, February 10 (MExN): Nagaland State Commission for Women (NSCW) today urged the state government to “consider” and “come out” with a policy to stem the flow of illegal immigrants into the state and address the serious issues associated with them. The commission issued a statement today saying that the government must act with current statutory policies such as the Inner Line Permit (or the ‘ILP’) system as well as come up with a ‘comprehensive policy.’

“NSCW appeals to the government and all right thinking people to seriously consider and come out with concrete comprehensive policy on illegal immigrants to strictly adhere to ILP; the state government has to take a firm stand and enforce strict measures for comprehensive policy on illegal immigrants,” stated chairperson of the commission Sano Vamuzo. The commission ‘suggests’ that cases of crime and violence against women be disposed off at the earliest by Fast Track Courts. “Justice delayed is justice denied,” the commission said.

According to the NSCW, law-enforcing agencies such as the district administration and police have “assured to take all possible steps to see that justice is delivered at the earliest.” The commission condemned the violence committed and gang rape of a Naga woman on February 6 by five illegal immigrants.

“The plight of Naga women today is one of fear, insecurity, danger and uncertainty all along. This is never the case during the times of our forefathers. Records will show incidents of rape cases too common in our society today and every time it occurs, society condemns left and right but the practice is not going away,” the commission said.

“The gang rape incidences happening in Dimapur have drawn public attention in a louder manner. But this is not the first instance,” the commission said. “Leaving aside individual cases we recall a gang rape case which happened in Mon on 2nd May 2010. The three culprits, all Miyans namely Jaibun Rahman (25), Abdul Islame (30) and Sultan from Nagaon district of Assam. They were engaged in road construction work of Chungphoi-Wangching by a Naga contractor.”

On May 2 when the woman, aged 50 years, went to fetch water around 5:30 am, the three culprits pounced on her and dragged her to a nearby area and raped and brutally murdered her. They hit her head also and fractured her skull, the NSCW said.

“When she did not return home her family reported and the village went out searching for the missing woman. It was only after 4 days that a highly decomposed dead body was found just outside the village on 5th May 2010. Today, these three culprits are awarded life imprisonment and lodged at central jail, Dimapur.”