NSWON calls for humane treatment of women & girls

Dimapur, July 25 (MExN): The National Socialist Women’s Organisation of Nagalim (NSWON) today stated that it is “left aghast and terrified of the nightmarish situation in Manipur where there are threats to women’s rights, particularly their livelihoods and dignity.”

Humanity is under attack in the most ruthless and cruel manner that finds no parallel in the history of Manipur, stated the NSWON Chairperson Hosheli Achumi in a statement condemning the ongoing treatment of women in the ongoing unrest in Manipur.  

This is a crime against humanity, it said, denouncing the ‘heart wrenching and disturbing’ images of naked parade of women as well as fondling and torture in full glare of the people and media.’

“When the height of gender-based violence takes the form of repulsive criminality and where humanity is in danger, no society or organisation can sit silent, transcending socio-political and lingual boundaries,” the NSWON stated, adding that it is “lost for words to condemn such act of savagery and depravity meted out against women and girls in Manipur’s ethnic conflict between the Meitei and Kuki-Zo communities.”

Besides the parading incident in B Phainom village, we have come across other despicable incidents, the NSCN (IM) Women’s Organisation further asserted, further citing the killing of Lucy Marem on July 15, alleged lynching of two Kuki-Zo nursing students, other instances of sexual assaults and killing as well as reported burning of one Meena Hangshing (Meitei married to Kuki) and her 7-year-old son along with another Meitei woman relative were on the way to Imphal travelling in Ambulance for the treatment of the son with bullets injuries. 

In this connection, the NSWON pointed out to Geneva Convention, knowingly firing at medics is a war crime. Art.12 of the First Geneva Convention provides the general principle of the inviolability of the wounded and sick who are to be respected and protected in all circumstances.

“Let it be known that attack on healthcare in armed conflict violates central tenets of human rights and international humanitarian law,” the NSWON asserted pointing out to the Article 12 of the First Geneva Convention providing the general principle of the inviolability of the wounded and sick who are to be respected and protected in all circumstances.
“Knowingly firing at medics is a war crime,” it added.

Horrific crime against women is unacceptable in today’s world of democracy and a woman’s right to live free from sexual violence is upheld by international agreements such as the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against women, 1979 and the 1993 UN Declaration on the Elimination of violence against women, it further highlighted. 

“Women rights are basic human rights for women and girls... When women get equal rights and respect, the world can progress with peace... Therefore, the place of women in society is a critical factor in judging the success of any civilization,” it added. Accordingly, the NSWON stated that it hearts cry out in anguish when our sisters are treated in the most contemptuous manner and offered its absolute solidarity and sympathies all the victims of the current ethnic conflict 

“We condemn such sexual violence and killing of women/girls/child in the strongest terms,” it added. 

To this end, the NSWON stated that crime against humanity is wantonly committed in Manipur and anyone who value human rights must condemn in strongest terms.

Slogans against rape must come loud and clear so that every ear gets to know the pain of the victims, it asserted. 

The NSWON, thus called upon parties to the armed conflict to “ensure humane treatment of women and girls” and stated that they must be protected against rape and any other form of indecent assault and degrading treatment.