On solutions to Naga political problem

To find a solution to our Naga Political problem an illusion and assumption should not confuse us in any way. Nagas have been struggling for half a century and a solution to this problem is imperative now. Pursuing unity and reconciliation among the Naga people is the responsibility of every sensible Nagas. A mechanism of right perspective of understanding the reality and accepting the true situation of our survival need immediate consideration. Different people give different views on unity reconciliation and integration, interpreting it on their own way or interest.

But this two are one side of the same coin and cannot be separated, unity reconciliation should be the backbone of our strength in our political struggle for self determination. However, we must know that it should not condition the solution of the Naga political problem. A reality should be accepted that solution to the protracted Naga political problem is vital for Nagas to decide the future of the young generation. We need to give a serious thought on the best solution that will fit the Nagas for survival and we must forge ahead with a hope for better future with anew initiative. Unity and reconciliation is a process and no one can put a halt to it so also the integration and unification of the Nagas in fact it is our anguish why Nagas were divided arbitrarily. 

I find there is nothing wrong to workout a suitable solution that will benefit the Nagas and its future generation. Until and unless negotiated settlements between the Government of India and the Nagas have breakthrough unity reconciliation and integration will remain a problem. Solution is the subject matter of our political problem and we must strive to find a solution that will lead us to building a strong and progressive Nation.

I personally do not see why there cannot be unity and reconciliation if our approach is for a solution to a Naga political problem. I may be forgiven if I am wrong in my view but many writers interprets unity reconciliation and integration to very confusing state. Whoever has concern for unity and reconciliation they must be true to themselves having a clear vision and interprets the subject correctly without prejudices, unity reconciliation is essential and we must commit ourselves to it. However the term should not be misinterpreted wrongly to make silent the issue of Naga solution and aspiration of the people to live as one. Whatever the differences of ideology the present leaders of the Nagas both underground and over ground may have, this cannot be a threat to the unity of the younger generation. Definitely the younger generation of the Nagas will need each other and a separation will give unrelieved pain to their heart.

My appeal to every individual and group that let us be true to ourselves and to the Nagas. Let us not make ourselves jack of everything and master of none.


Keny Tep Rengma
Tseminyu Town