‘On verge of inking final solution for the Nagas’

My Dear Countrymen, 

As we stand at the threshold of a new beginning, my heart yearns for the presence of our predecessors who have paid the ultimate price for the cause of the Nagas. Hundreds and thousands of Naga sons and daughters have sacrificed their lives so that we all can see a better tomorrow. As we celebrate the 74th Naga Independence Day, let us remember not only the sacrificed souls but remain firm and steadfast to the aspirations and vision for which they laid their precious lives. 

The Naga National Council timely came into existence with its historic birth on 24th Feb.1946. It was democratically formed by the Naga representatives. Thus with fair and far-sightedness of the NNC leadership and together with the will, the leaders of the day formally brought the Naga families into one big family as a nation. Henceforth, the NNC and the Nagas as a whole are duty bound to uphold aspirations of the Nagas as a free people and sovereign nation as in ancient times. 

Nagaland is a homeland of the Nagas from olden times. Nagas have been living in Nagaland as a free Naga people since time immemorial. Our land was never a part of any foreign people's country. Our forefathers clearly owned Nagaland. This had been prominent when the Naga Club submitted a memorandum to the Simon Commission in 1929 and subsequently a representation submitted to the British India Viceroy in February 1947. 

For 74 long years, Nagas have stood unwavering for the Naga cause, undeterred by the mountains of hurdles and sufferings keeping the aspirations of the Nagas alive. Today we carry the torch that our predecessors have passed on to us, let us not be arrogant and prideful but remain humble and uphold the Naga torch with dignity and respect. It is therefore our solemn duty to remain steadfast to the prize that awaits us. Our race is not an individual race. It is a race of the Nagas, a desire that we aspire from the very beginning to self determine our own future. As we fight tirelessly, inching towards our common goal, our eyes must be sharp and minds alert against any hurdles and obstacles.

In 2017, after many consultations with the political leaders, tribal leaders, senior officials and prominent citizens of Nagaland, the Working Committee of the Naga National Political Groups (NNPGs) took the responsibilities. Naga National Council-Parent Body has always been an integral part of the NNPGs since its inception. It is the ideals, vision and minds of the Nagas that we represent at the negotiating table. 

Today we are on the verge of inking the final solution for the Nagas. It is a solution of the Nagas, by the Nagas and for the Nagas. Our demands have been selfless and transparent. But let us remain vigilant against vicious elements that devise plans to derail, delay and misdirect the journey until the race is won. Let us be pragmatic and unite ourselves under the banner of "one agreement, one solution" and conclude our race to self-determine our own future. 

May the Almighty God continue to guide us with His divine wisdom and strengthen us to complete the race before us with dignity and honour. May God continue to the anchor of our hopes and aspirations. 

74th Naga Independence Day Speech by Z Rohim Yimchunger President 
S.K Zhimomi Vice President,  
NNC-Parent Body