Open letter to NPMHR, Naga Hoho, NMA, NSF & NPCC


With due respect, we would like to bring to your organization/party be apolitical/political setup to fight for the well being of the society where your organization/party is also included directly or indirectly and also your organization/party was set up/send by the society to work for the benefit of the society. However, we are very sorry to point out some burning issues where your organization/party are completely silent and as a result our society is suffering from it. 

Court (Judicial):

There is a shortage of Judicial Court (civil and criminal) in every district as here is not a single judicial court in the level of sub-division and as a result people living in the rural/sub-urban has to travel long distance to seek justice.

The district of Peren and Kiphire is lacking behind as there is no Additional Session Judge/ADC (J) which is a must for every district (since other lower judge cannot exercise the power like awarding life imprisonment, death sentence etc). Thus the people from these two districts have to travel to seek power judgment to the other district. While the district of Longleng is the only district in India where there is not a single judicial court for the whole district, thus the question of giving just and right (welfare) democratic government is in doubt. The Nagaland State Legislative Assembly which passed the introduction of Christian Marriage Act in Nagaland is only name, as it cannot implement in spirit because of the non-opening of family court which is a must for receiving/implementation of the Act. 

Public prosecutors:

The works of the Public Prosecutors in the justice delivering system is very important as the public prosecutors represent the government/public in the courts. Thus, the performance of the public prosecutors shows the quality of the ruling government in the court of law. The present position of the public prosecutors in the state is very worse as there is shortage from infrastructure to manpower (public prosecutors) in every district comparing with the number of courts and it resulted in delaying justice to the people.

Shortage of Legal Officer in law department:

As there is no legal officer in other department except law department, the works in the law department has been increasing day by day as almost all the nearly seventy or more departments in the state has been referring to the law department for legal views due to increase in complication of working system in the government mechanisms as well as awareness of the importance of law for every work/decision.

However, the works of the law department used to be delayed due to shortage of legal officers (legal experts) as there is only four sanctioned post (legal officer) in the law department (two past are lying vacant as of now) to carry on the whole work (legal) of the state government.

Lack of Directorate of Judiciary:

For smooth functioning of judiciary, the state government has created Directorate of Judiciary HQ Dimapur (some times back) headed by DC (J) as Head of Department. But it is very sorry to see and the state that the powers and function which are supposed to be functioned by any HOD has not been accorded to the Director DC (J) till date and are exercised by the Administrative Head (Secretary Law and Justice) which resulted in the concentration of dual power in one hand, while set back in the functioning of the judiciary in the state.

Non-existence of Directorate of Public Prosecution: 

Till date Nagaland is the only state (above 40 years) in India where there is no Directorate of Public Prosecution. Thus the Administrative Head (Secretary Law and Justice) used to act as over all head, and many a time the Administrative Head lack legal knowledge (not from legal background) as many a times it happens to be from other grade.

Therefore, we would like to request our organization/party to pursue the matter at the highest forum for the benefit of our society which includes your organization/party at the earliest.

Kevi Angami
Hewoto Sema
Manlem Konyak
Chuba Chang