Opinion on IRB withdrawal

It is indeed true that the demand for withdrawal of the elite 9th IRB from Chattisgarh has increased recently. But in my opinion, withdrawing the IRB from the field of action is totally useless and out of question. The Jawans out there are doing an excellent job and we should be proud for their brave and noble work instead of condemning the government.

The raising of paramilitary force is to tackle the anti-social activities whose only aim is to disturb the peace loving citizens. People don’t join the military or the paramilitary only for salary. But only after knowing the full potential risk recruits into the family of the bravest of the brave after going through months of hard training; and during the passing out parade takes the oath to save and protect the nation-anywhere, anyplace and at any time, even if it cost their life.

The wives of the 9th IRB Jawans jointly protesting the govt. for deploying the IRB in chattisgarh is like student of class 10 protesting against the NBSE to let the student pass the HSLC exam without appearing the examination. Also; the public leaders, student bodies , NGO’s etc. are too against the deployment of IRB  outside Nagaland. Instead they should be the one to convince not only the wives of the Jawans also the public in general that it is their job and all we can do is to pray for the safety of those in the line of fire. Lets hope to see the people of Nagaland hold join prayers and donations for the brave Naga boys not only in chattisgarh but also the rest of India who are performing a great job in maintaining peace and security among the people they come across.

Toshi Imchen on email