Paradigm shift in thinking among our factional leaders

The past is important and no one can deny that past to understand the present situation. Yet today we have to set our goal right and so the shifts in our national leaders thinking have to reconsider and may be this might be a better option. Our National Leaders have to take a risky road than past days. The past Nagas history can never be crushed by any mighty force. No military might be able to erase our Naganess to another race. Our consciousness cannot be duplicated by any thing. It is better to make a stone which looks like an egg to hatch a chicken. However warm the stone is force upon it. It has different form and pattern of its existence cannot create as some one wants it to happen. No Mongolians race can make substitute for Naga race. We have our own territory and our own land to live in and Naga people were not born on a vast ocean. We were born not on boat or ship but we were born in a house that is made upon our own soil. No historian can twist our history to another history. If any nations claim to have their history and definitely we have ours and if anyone deny our history let those nations erased their history first. 

However, today we have to search ourselves. We cannot always blame our neighbors always. Today majority of Naga including our National actors have refused to think right and we have refused to see our self image. We have failed and forget to grow and even to think together in order to see Naga as one Nation in Asian context as free people. Today have we refused to face the truth no matter how painful or how it may hurt us personally? Have we tried to camouflage our self in our own personal gain and selfish desire? Naga people including Church leaders have failed in this test. As Naga people are we satisfied today with what we are today? As National Workers are you contented with what you are? We as Naga people have to imprint our existence in the global world. Naga people cannot entrust our responsible to other people, Naga people are capable of taking care of themselves. Our greatest enemy is not others but ourselves. We have given our moral rights to our own self weakness. We have also been entangled even with the Indians luxuries.

Today another history is on print because of it’s uniqueness we are able to shoot our own kith and kin. If any one question it may be constructed as Anti-Naga and many excuses. Leaders in other parts of the world take seriously about their citizens’ life and in return they received ample support. Today, here national actors need our utmost and unflagging support but unfortunately they give us tears and pains to us. They need us but when we need them where are you? Where are you when we raise our voice? Naga people and especially innocent generation need not your sympathy but empathy. National leaders have to leads us to rebuild what has been damaged and inflicted by Indians and Burmese. Which building and liberation were you talking about and define patriotism to our generation? Naga people voice cannot be substitute by another voice. No nations on earth however, inter-marriage its take place Naga are Nagas. Today if we substitute it with other voices we have betrayed our Naganess and our existences as Naga will become secondary. Our identity as Naga people will become post modern slaves. And our history will become a by word in the history of the World, other nations and race will laugh at us.

Today perhaps our National Leaders have to think another paradigm shift in their course of history making for the sake of younger generation. This writer would like to place few thoughts.

1, In the past the voice of elderly people were taken in to less consideration. Probably today they have to listen to innocent generation voice because they are saying that they are for the future Nagas. 

2, The past stories were shameful even to narrate today but if those mistakes are admit instead of defending. We are not too late and we have to let our remaining time at our disposal for our National reconstruction.

3, In the past our National leaders gave us only widows and many orphans. What is your promise and option for the younger generation? Will yo u give us the same pains or other options?

4, Leaders if you are patriotic from deep within can you lift your head high today? How can your consciences allowed in these kinds of situation. Will you allowed our generation to continue in your trend filled with shame and frustration. 

5, For how many years will you continue and justify all your worst actions? Naga generations are looking upon leaders who are willing to admit their mistake and asked even forgiveness to people in general. 

6, Naga factional split was unfortunate and it is the greatest blunder and because of few leaders mistake we have to pay heavy toll. Million of Naga people are suffering till today. But today million of Naga people are looking forward that past split is gone and it is painful but with great courage and hope now they have to do something better when they are alive. Younger and innocent generation will request not to pass that split once again in our time we want to live in unity.

7, National leaders have to live with us here not outside and not to receive information about us but to pass our pains and struggle to other parts of the world. We need leaders who are with us in our joy and pain. Give us your time to hear our pains, agony and be with us when we need but where are you when Naga people are being killed it is not your opponents factions soldiers but Naga son are dying without proper honor.  When our beloved Naga dies, factional Minister of Information and Publicity (MIP) give a wide coverage about their factional victory. Dear Leaders it is not good news for Naga people but news about our worst form of inhuman action. Our Naganess is almost being challenged by our factional leaders.  Almost all villages are affected by factional clash and now when will those wound be heal and who will bring peace on this part of land?

Naga innocent generations are pleading deep within their inner core heart. Probably, some of our struggle can be reflected on these few thoughts.

1, Leaders, younger and innocent generations are afraid of the file that will pass on to hunt down others Naga people in our time. May those evil designs be gone only in your generation not after?

2, If possible give us a song of victory not Indian lyrics song of victory.

3, If possible as leaders give us a flag of honor, justice and truth.

4, If possible may this be ours, a dignity as free Naga people not Indian product dignity.

5, If possible give us a space to work, pray and to grow healthy. As leaders our supplication and request should not be taken lightly but today with your whole body and soul heed to our cries.

6, Our leader should try to overcome their fuzzy thinking and undertake one of the hardest and high risks for building our nation into a right shape than yesterday.

7, As leaders our pledge today perhaps if possible is to contribute our utmost best for our nation.

So leaders of NSCNs have to shift from parochial mind set to higher and best value and that will be jewel that million of Naga people are waiting and searching for that to happen in our context. It is a high time that after the split nearly about three decades probably they need another paradigm shift in their policy making. Leaders have to question this today. Does my stubbornness and self-righteousness is headache to million of our people. Million of Naga voice is about to have dialogue and to trash out our differences. But who is pushing aside million of Naga voice? Today the answer is that one group blames one another tomorrow this will come out to light. Is million voices are on the right track or the voices of our National leaders are on the right track. This needs deeper study and not a skin deep thought. No group is nearly to perfection. Today if at all younger and innocent generation mind set is poison from outside force from our neighbors’ nations. Whom will our leaders blame? If possible, live out your lives and tell us your stories later. The split has cost all our precious lives and time and nothing in this world can compensate it but only our repentance can cover up that historical crisis. Younger and innocent generation have to suffer in that chains of violence today. One day however the wave of antagonists might toss higher and higher on our path and almost close to impossible. May God be on our side to see our leaders coming together as one because before they were one. One day we hope to see TV, Radio, Newspaper highlight about our leaders has come together. All the Nagas churches come together to say prayer of thanksgiving in Indian and Buremese occupation about our reconciliation.   Leadership test hour is today and leader has to prove to your people today. Today which options will you take “Nagas will option” or “your factional options.” The ball is in your court to rebuild or to destroy the remaining Naga society. Are we willing to have another paradigm shift in our thinking for Naga or not today?

H. Apise
Purana Bazar Dimapur