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Parents should support young sportspersons

Parents should support young sportspersons
Zhaleo Rio, IAS (Retd), Advisor, Sericulture, Excise & Minority Affairs, address the  'Day Final' Ceremony of Chakhroma Sports Association's (CSA) 50th Anniversary Celebration at Local Ground, Chümoukedima Town on Janaury 25.

Medziphema, January 25 (MExN): The Advisor for Sericulture, Excise & Minority Affairs, Zhaleo Rio, IAS (Retd) today encouraged leaders to put more effort to nurture and produce exemplary sportspersons. 

Addressing the 'Day Final' Ceremony of Chakhroma Sports Association's (CSA) 50th Anniversary Celebration as the Special Guest on January 25 at the Chümoukedima Town local ground, he said,"Talented youngsters must be supported by everyone for proper training in their respective discipline.”

Rio also stressed that the government has committed to support deserving sportspersons and called upon parents and leaders to promote sports too. 

While lauding all the sportspersons of the area, who have earned laurel and ranks at state as well as national level, Rio said it is time for the Chakhroma people to move ahead and leaders putting in more effort to nurture and produce exemplary sportspersons. 

In this connection, he asked people to be realistic and work in unison for a better future.

However, the Advisor lamented that attendance of the program should be more. In this regard, he urged village elders and leaders of the community to ensure that proper information is disseminated. 

“Parents should be more responsible to encourage youngsters and the simplest way is to attend their functions and games,” he added. 

Rio further congratulated the CSA for overcoming all hurdles through decades reaching the 50th milestone and noted that the feat achieved by the association is exceptional since its affiliation to Angami Sports Association in 1970.

Felicitating all the medal winners, he also stressed that the winners should not bask in their victories but rather strategise to scale greater heights. 

While not all can win, he said that defeats should be used as lesson to become stronger and re-commit.

The Organising Committee, led in dedicating a moment of silence for past leaders/members of the CSA. 

The function was followed by a ceremonial feast on account of the CSA's 50th anniversary celebration, a press note from CSA media team informed. 

Earlier in the day, marathon race for men and women as well as football final was conducted.

In football, Group-D emerged as the champions after a closely contested match with Group-B. 

In the marathon race, which began from Razhaphe village and culminated at Local Ground Chümoukedima Town, Keneivino (Group-C), Megokhono (Group-C) and Zekuvono (Group-C)  finished first, second and third, respectively.

In the men’s category,  Kevizhapu Terhüja (Group-D) took the first position, while  Kevimedo Dolie (Group-D) and Pelesatuo (Group-B) finished second and third, respectively.


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