People are fed up of factionalism

In such a terrifying and complicated situation, certainly nobody dares to speak the truth for fear of consequences. But as a concerned citizen, I feel it imperative to share my personal observation on the prevailing situation. For the last 4, 5 years since outbreak of the worst factional wars, so many acrimonious write ups have been exchanged between the factions besides gruesome killings. As the people are the watch-dog of what is going on or happening, it is observed that at the moment people are no more interested to extend their moral support to the supposed national cause. This is because of the fact that the supposed national movement is now turned to be money making for few individuals who claim to be national workers. Out of the four groups, the NSCN(IM) whose dominance over the state commercial hub (Dimapur) has become an issue. The NSCN(IM) which is currently negotiating for political settlement with the Government of India (GOI) had the support of the people for early settlement. But it is now observed that people are slowly and steadily losing their confidence in the NSCN(IM) for the workers’ arrogance and self aggrandizement. The NSCN(IM) is also losing its ground because of too much interferences in the general public affairs and over  taxation drive against the people. The NSCN(K) whose objectivities are not yet set, but the claims are seeming to be very high, is trying to exert people’s intervention to unite them with the NSCN(IM) on equality basis. The NSCN(K) also claims that they are the original NSCN and NSCN-IM is only a splinter group. But practically, NSCN-IM seems to be stronger and effective at the national and international level, in spite of their (K’s) claim as original, there seems to be no gaining of their claims.

On the other hand, NNC and FGN groups claim that NSCN is an offshoot of NNC, and therefore, however said and done, NNC alone is the people’s mandated political organization and no other else. But if the people closely observe its activities as far as national political organization is concerned, NNC is like a Rice Mill that sounds much but moveless to be effective. In comparison with all these factors in mind, the much talked about Naga political issue is all likely to remain a talk about the talk. We may appreciate of what our pioneers have sacrificed, but not today’s struggle for dominance. It is a known fact that all the rank and files have become money hunters than to hunt for the common goal, and it is because of the factions’ struggle for dominance, Naga political issue is going to be prolonged.

The Naga civil organizations (NGOs) which are all out for “Reconciliation” if succeeded, may be able to convince some faction, but they have also got difficulties to convince all the factions to become one. Therefore, even the talk of “Reconciliation” is uncertain, so the factions are likely to remain and because of which people are fed up of feeding the factions. Now the only option left to the people is either good or bad to support the ongoing political dialogue to be expedited, not for the sake of securing sovereignty but just because they no longer want to see the excesses of the factions’ activities. But because of such a prevailing situation, the Government of India (GOI) is taking advantage of the Nagas and intentionally delaying the peace process. The negotiating party (NSCN-IM) may say that the settlement is bound to succeed within the next week, month or year, but people are now turning a deaf ear because they have had enough hearing about the peace talk that has been running for more than nine years. Now the last hope for the people is to see that NSCN(IM) brings atleast some greater autonomy to the Nagas without committing political blunder, so that the future generation may try for the full independence and sovereignty.

Tokivi Sumi
Concerned citizen, Dimapur