Pfutsero Congress questions food grain supply

Dimapur, March 28 (MExN): The ACCC of Pfutsero assembly constituency is raising serious questions over reasons rations cards not being reviewed and over food grain supply going to unknown interests.  The ACCC noted a press release said to have been issued by the Additional Director for Food & Civil Supplies earlier. What the department’s press release was about was not explained in the rejoinder received here from the Congress unit. However, the unit said the department’s press release has exposed the incompetency and ignorance of the department.
“For the department’s information, identification of beneficiaries for issue of Ration Cards are clearly specified under the Public Distribution System (Control) Order 2001 in exercise of powers conferred by Section 3 of the Essential Commodities Act, 1955. It is the duty of the administrators to identify beneficiaries and issue the ration cards under various categories respectively,” the ACCC stated.  “It is also the primary duty of the Food & Civil Supplies Dept. to guide the administrative authorities with the Essential Commodities Act which is supposed to be enforced from time to time.”
The Congress unit also said poverty does not have a fixed population. The fluctuations of the state’s economy coupled with various other socio-economic factors over a period of time will determine the number of BPL, AAY and APL families, the ACCC stated.  “The Government of India has no dearth of food when food grains are rotting in its godowns and it is willing to supply as much as the public requires. It is the duty of the state government to review the list of beneficiaries annually to ensure that all deserving applicants receive ration cards within one month,” the unit said.
In reference to ration cards, the unit said the people now hardly remember “the prevalence of ration cards during the 1980s.” There has not been any review nor issue of ration cards, the rejoinder said.  “The Additional Director mentioned the number of beneficiaries under BPL as 76500 and 47500 under AAY. The supply and receipts of food grains under the various schemes also speaks volumes. Who is receiving this supply of food grains? Who are the ration cardholders? The department will have to come up with answers to the many questions which are arising.”