‘Pilgrimage’ to Molungyimsen village

Emilo Khuvung
Molungyimsen | February 10

To relive history, more than two hundred Christian Believers from various communities, irrespective of denominations, turned out for a ‘pilgrimage walk’ from Rev. Dr. E.W Clarks’ bridge (Milak River) to Molungyimsen village on February 8 under Mokokchung district.

The ‘pilgrimage’ was organized by Molungyimsen Baptist church and Nagaland Educational History village committee. Parliamentary Secretary for Tourism, Law & Justice Yitachu, Tourism department officials and believers from the Pochury Christian Forum also joined the 14 kilometer journey on foot.

The procession started with passion and envisaged to rejuvenate the individual’s faith. The enthusiasm and excitement of the participants did not wane neither did signs of weariness appeared on their faces as the ‘walk’ went on. The formally Pilgrim Track Road (PTR) was formally inaugurated while a ‘Pochury Monolith’ was unveiled in honor of the Pochury Christian Forum Pilgrimage before the start of the journey.

Clarifying confusion on the ‘pilgrim track road’, the parliamentary secretary said he has no dispute with a history that has been maintained since 140 years back. “I was not there when Rev. Dr. Clark came so neither you; we are sharing whatever is printed in the history. I know, Dr. Clark has first stepped in Molungkimong, conversion and baptism first took place there and therefore I have no complaint neither any dispute against history.” 

He said ‘the first village established with 100 % Christians in Nagaland was Molungyimsen’ and thereby the state government declared the village as ‘pilgrimage village’, “a tourist destination.” 

The first ever ‘pilgrimage’ in the ‘history of Naga Christianity’ ended with an evening candle light church service where Parliamentary Secretary Yitachu and MLA L Temjen led the congregation from the church to the Rev. Dr. E.W Clark’s Light Tower and lit a bon fire.

The parliamentary secretary also visited Molungkimong village on February 9.