Power supply issue in Nagaland

Yanpvuo Kikon: There are a lot of people like them, like this sister who is a baker and those who run small businesses and are totally dependent on electricity to earn & feed themselves and their family. But if a basic necessity like electricity cannot be provided properly then where are we headed as a society. Even if they buy generator, the fuel will consume all their small profit margin also!

If our state can’t even support a small bakery then how can we talk about manufacturing industry which require huge amount of high quality electricity 

Most elders are talking 24x7 about petty issues, they need to wake up from backwardness and start addressing real issues hampering our society.

We hardly even generate 20 MW of electricity whereas our requirement is 400 MW. How do we address this extremely critical problem which is only gonna get worse in the coming years?

Khevitho Elvis Lee: At least water and electricity should be provided properly to the public without any compromise. I spend some of my time at my in laws place in Imphal and what I observed here is that, every morning each household gets supply water for 2 to 3 hours and 24 hours nonstop electricity supply, not even a single day I have seen power outrage here in Imphal. Thinking about Nagaland while staying here in Imphal I feel very frustrated. I don't understand what is wrong with our leaders. If in this 21st century a state cannot provide proper electricity, water and road to the public then what else can we expect.

Ronin Naha: We are going to have 50,100 +crores for wrestling arena, 250 crores for music dance festivals  road shows, promoting Naga culture and concert in Europe, America etc, the govt is going to appoint another 50 to 99 advisors, chairman's with cabinet status and maybe another 500 crores for renovation of Cricket Stadium at Sovima and another 1500 crores reserve for emergency CM relief fund mainly for entertainment plus thousands more on resorts, villas, luxury spas, smart city in all the district HQ, maybe another 5000 crores for National Park 5* hotels migration projects for the 60 Honourables etc etc, the govt is very very busy in inviting the most developed countries to invest in Nagaland, so why talking about the very basics like electricity, regular power source to every towns and villages, good connectivity, communication, transportation etc? Please let's not disturb our very busy farsighted government with no opposition because wisdom floods the NLA during rare session and budget discussion.

Why worry when we have 1 super genius Solomon Head Master on Financial management and 59 Asst Headmasters??

T SY: Revenue generation is the problem..  If we want something.. We should also contribute something to our government so that we come to win win situation.. We cannot always expect all for free from the government.. Cos the government is not a money printing machine...  I just pray and hope the All so called the civil society organisation and even the church organization to come to their good sense of mind to help the government generate revenues.